How to Step Outside your Comfort Zone and Achieve the “Unachievable”

By: Ben Brown

Can’t is not a word in Krystal Jackson’s vocabulary. “You have to start believing that anything is possible,” she explains.


A former pro athlete and co-owner of Jackson Strength, a premier facility for athletic performance and injury prevention in Solano Beach, CA, Krystal has made it her mission to empower others to achieve what they believe isn’t possible.


This is a motivational and uplifting interview that is sure to convince you that you can do anything you put your mind to, whether it’s simply finding time to exercise or running up a hill 100 times.


In This Episode, You’ll Discover


-What she learned from running up a massive hill 100x [2:32]


-Why Krystal REFUSED to wear shorts for over 2 years – even as a gym owner [11:01]


-How she deliberately made the decision to change her story [13:23]


-What it means to be a “forever athlete” for the everyday individual: [28:29]


-How are our limiting beliefs holding us back from personal and professional growth: [17:27]


-Why having “no time” is a bullshit excuse for lack of prioritization [20:00]


-How does Jackson Strength empower young athletes to excel in life [25:11]


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