We know what it is like to overcome our own health challenges and struggle with proper nutrition for wellness and recovery. As a result, Co-Founders, Ben and James, individually began a journey to find alternative healing which sparked careers in natural health industry.

Ben, having numerous certifications and advanced degrees, has run a successful personal training and nutrition coaching business for over 10 years.

James has had a successful career in supply chain management – particularly in supplement manufacturing and logistics. In 2015, they combined their respective expertise and form BSL Nutrition to change the game!

Our Pure Science. Proven Results™ Process

  • Walk the Talk: We actively work in the natural health industry so we get feedback directly from the real world. Our product and future formulations are inspired by real world need.
  • Cut through the Crap: We find a solutions by analyzing peer reviewed research and identifying the best and most pure ingredients to formulate comprehensive products.
  • No Proprietary Blends: You will never see “proprietary blend” on our label. We have nothing to hide so we list each ingredient.
  • Voluntary Regulation: We only use manufacturing partners who are NSF certified and registered with the FDA.
  • Reveal the Truth: We test our product heavily to ensure that it exceeds our efficacy and safety standards AND gets results.

Together and with the feedback from some of the most prolific nutrition and strength coaches in the world, we have formulated the only workout formula that helps busy men and women optimally fuel their workouts for better energy and faster fat loss so that you can achieve your best with less.

Complete Essentials