Ben Brown, owner of BSL Nutrition

About BSL Nutrition

We believe that your health determines your freedom…


Because we know what it feels like when poor health is limiting what feels like every aspect of your life; your relationships, your productivity, your self-confidence, and overall success, and we don’t want that for you.

Ben Brown, owner of BSL Nutrition

About BSL Nutrition: Who We Are & Where We Started

Body Systems Labs (BSL) was born out of the desire to overcome my own health issues. In doing so, I realized that far too many men and women, mothers and fathers, were suffering from many of the same maladies that had plagued me for much of my life.

Growing up with poor digestion and eating habits, low energy, unhealthy skin, and chronic fatigue had led me to take a deeper dive into the complexities of individualized nutrition and health as a product of an imbalance in one or multiple “body systems”.

Through years of learning, coaching, and personal and professional growth, we transitioned from Body Systems Healing & Performance to BSL Nutrition through our commitment to combine the science of nutrition and supplementation with the art and psychology of physique and lifestyle change.

About BSL Nutrition

By helping you make Smart Nutrition Simple, we help you change your belief system around what it means to be healthy …

About BSL Nutrition's smart nutrition philosophy

About BSL Nutrition’s Smart Nutrition Philosophy

Why simple? Because as you very well know, there’s just too much confusing and contradictory nutrition and fitness information out there …

And if you’re anything like our clients, you’re looking for:

Healthy, fast, but more importantly, sustainable fat loss

Realistic nutrition and fitness guidelines that will fit your busy schedule

A simplified approach to healthy nutrition that the whole family can enjoy

Science based nutrition and supplement recommendations that actually work

Which is exactly why we aim to provide the most straightforward, practical, and strategically SIMPLE nutrition, fitness, healthy lifestyle and supplementation resources possible so that you can achieve your best with:

Less time daily

Less money spent on useless and overhyped products

Less stress so that you can lose weight while living your best life

Less wasted effort on overly restrictive fad diets

More individualization

More structure and strategy based on your lifestyle preferences

More decisions based on real world data

More focus on the behaviors that will drive long-term change

But, let me be very clear here in specifying that SIMPLE doesn’t mean EASY.

And, as they say, nothing in life worthwhile is ever easy …

We look forward to helping you simplify your nutrition and lifestyle journey.

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