The Dirty Truth Behind Popular Skincare Products with Paige Crist [Podcast Episode #99]

By: Ben Brown

Did you know that what we put on our bodies is the same as what we put in our bodies? In other words, our skin, the largest organ system of the body, has the ability to absorb up to 60% of what we put on it. Everything from chlorine and fluoride in our water, to fragrant soap and shampoos, hydrating lotions, and supposedly protective sunscreens, ALL, by virtue of being on our skin, end up in our bloodstream.

When you consider that of the up to 82,000 different ingredients used in commercial skincare products, 1 in 8 of them are industrial chemicals; including formaldehyde releasers, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and neurotoxins. Also, considering that the average person uses 9 different personal care products daily, including shampoos, sunscreens, makeup, deodorant, moisturizers, creams, shaving cream, etc… you can see how exposure to these potentially harmful ingredients, especially ver time, could be wreaking havoc in our body.

Today I’m joined by Paige Crist, mother of two young children, and national skincare advocate using her own personal skin cancer health journey to educate consumers about the harmful ingredients commonly used in everyday personal products. Paige is currently working with the mission-based company, Beautycounter, to legislate for more health-protective laws in this billion-dollar industry.

Paige CristNational Skincare Advocate

I try and tell people that this isn’t a women’s issue. I think this can get lumped into 'oh this is a makeup' and it’s not. This is men, women, children -- it does not matter.

In this episode, we discuss:

- Paige’s transition from busy mom into fighting for quality skincare labeling

- The nefarious practices in skincare product ingredients and labeling

- What are some of the most harmful ingredients that we should be on the lookout for

- How these potentially toxic ingredients can do long-term hormonal damage (even in unborn children)

- How to determine if a product is safe

- What sort of alternative products we can and should be using

I’d strongly encourage that if you’re not already aware of the chemicals you’re putting on your skin, that do a home audit asap. Just take out every product that you use and look up the product and/or scan the label on the Healthy Living Skin Deep app. Additionally, if you’re in the market for new products, from skincare to sunscreen to shave cream, you can check out Paige’s skincare business @ to get products that you can feel good about using for yourself and the whole family.

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