Chrononutrition: How the Science of Meal Timing, Macros, and Meal Frequency Impacts our Metabolism with Danny Lennon [Podcast Episode #98]

By: Ben Brown

Much has been said about the importance of sleep, from adequate timing, duration and quality with respect to our hunger, energy, cravings, blood sugar regulation. ability to effectively burn body fat, maintain lean muscle mass, and even think clearly and prevent the onset of disease. And as you’re well aware, observing and aligning with our natural sleep-wake cycles is a non-negotiable factor if you care about any aspect of your health, body composition, and/or your performance.

Over the past several years, more and more evidence has been identified to further support our understanding around the importance of respecting our ingrained circadian biology and the influence of healthy sleep patterns, and unhealthy sleep patterns on daily nutrition and both short and long-term health outcomes.

Similarly, there is mounting evidence to support various aspects of nutrition that revolve around most certainly the amount of food we eat in a given day, but more recently, the concepts of when we eat our meals in a given day and/or night, the consistency of our meals daily, how we spread out our meals throughout a given day, and if and when we could or should strategically avoid food altogether.

The relationship between our diet and our circadian biology is known as chrononutrition and today I’m joined by leading expert Danny Lennon, the founder of Sigma Nutrition to break it down for us.

Danny LennonChrononutrition Expert

We see for example differences in metabolism of the exact same meal if you eat that during the day, say in the morning or in the afternoon, versus if you were to eat that meal in the middle of the night. It’s the exact same meal, exact same nutrients. You metabolize it differently.

Sigma Nutrition is a company providing educational content on evidence-based nutrition & health. Of this content, Danny is perhaps most well-known for being the host of the top-ranked podcast, Sigma Nutrition Radio.

In this episode we’ll discuss a general overview of the origin of chrononutrition relative to circadian biology and tenets of intermittent fasting/Time-restricted feeding, the metabolic changes present when meal timing is adjusted away from biological night, and the many nuances that exist when determining if, when, and how to determine what meal timing pattern is right for you.

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