How Alcohol Affects Weight Loss [Podcast Episode #91]

By: Ben Brown

We’ve all heard that alcohol intake can negatively impact our fat loss and muscle building goals, but is that really true? Today, we’ll dissect some of the commonly held beliefs and misconceptions about alcohol intake, including:

- Do alcohol calories count and is alcohol more fattening than other calories?

- What happens in our body when we drink alcohol?

- Are there any health benefits to alcohol intake?

- We’ll address some of the known and unknown side effects of drinking

- The impact of alcohol on testosterone and muscle mass

- And should you choose to drink alcohol, 3 rules that will help you make the most informed choices possible

Additionally, I’ll discuss some of my personal beliefs and practices around alcohol intake, why I choose to eliminate it completely for periods of time throughout the year, as well as how we should be viewing our alcohol intake with respect to our relationships, stress tolerance, personal and professional growth, and long-term health and happiness.

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