The Blocks of Health with Dr. Saman Rezaie – [Podcast Episode #88]

By: Ben Brown

Struggling to find a solution to your health issues?

With the rising popularity in naturopathic medicine, it can be easy to think that where conventional medicine may have failed you, alternative medicine could provide the panacea.

But as one naturopathic doctor has seen first-hand, the path to true health lies not in the type of treatment, rather in one’s ability to identify what’s really at the root of their health problems.

Dr. Saman observed early in his career that much of the “Dis-ease” that his clients were experiencing was, in his opinion, self-induced, or psychosomatic (a physical condition caused or aggravated by mental conflict or stress) likely brought on as a product of their upbringing and ingrained belief systems. As such, he knew he needed to create a new model for how he treated his patients, which encompassed more than even the traditional naturopathic model had to offer.

Over the last several years, Dr. Rezaie and his wife Dr. Beardsley have addressed the missing components in both allopathic and naturopathic medicine through their Blocks of Health Model of healing. This healing methodology, as the name implies, has numerous building blocks addressing physical movement, the process of nourishment and elimination, as well as emotional connection with ourselves and our environment to promote a comprehensive and systematic approach to health and healing.

Dr. Saman Rezaie Naturopathic Doctor

The path to disease and health is the same. You walk it. You create it. And once you can own that and take responsibility, you become powerful. Then you can become the creator of your life.

In this conversation we discuss:

- Dr. R’s experience with the 75HARD challenge developed by MFCEO Project - Andy Frisella

- Why exercise can be a negative stressor on the body and how to turn it into a net positive by factoring in your sleep, nutrition, and recovery

- How even the most health-conscious people abuse their bodies only to turn to allopathic and naturopathic medicine as a band-aid

- How sleep is so directly correlated with our hormonal output, risk for injury, and ability to perform to say nothing of how the drive to go-go-go can negatively influence our children's growth and resilience.

- Real or perceived emotional trauma and how it can influence our genetic expression

- What constitutes Dr. R’s “Blocks” of health beginning with WHO you believe yourself to BE

Dr. Saman Rezaie is a licensed Naturopathic Physician (N.M.D.), receiving his Medical Degree from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences.

Through personal challenges including weight gain and general health decline during his undergraduate career, Dr. Rezaie took it upon himself to learn more about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. He implemented changes to his diet, took up distance running and within a few months, he released 15 pounds and acquired a complete return of his health.

Since this experience, he has maintained a passion for achieving health through habit, behavior and lifestyle modification as he has seen how these changes can first-hand reverse dis-ease and optimize the body. He makes life work with a balance of priority and his own time. He enjoys playing tennis, exploring the outdoors with his wife, 3 round kiddos and labrador, and continuing to learn about what it means to be human.

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