How to be DadStrong with David McMenomey [Podcast Episode #57]

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Being a man today ain't easy...

The pressure of living up to societal expectations can be intense: Being a provider, a present and engaged father, a supportive and emotionally available husband, a strong leader and community seems like a lot.

David McMenomey, founder of, has found that creating a community based on competition and optimistic support helps men thrive.  

David is a father of 2 and has been married to his college sweetheart for nearly 11 years. He is a serial entrepreneur, and avid hunter, mountain biker, guitar player and fitness enthusiast. David is now building a powerful community of dads called Dadstrong and is helping them to be strong for their families through accountability and fitness challenges.

In this great interview we discuss David's personal growth that stemmed from a tumultuous multimillion dollar business failure and his corresponding passion project: The BeDadStrong Community. Dadstrong is a space for dads to share life, get strong, and encourage each other in any areas they are hitting a wall.

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