Combining the Science and Art of Habit-Based Nutrition Change

By: Ben Brown

Combining the Science and Art of Habit-Based Nutrition Change [Podcast Episode #52].


Let’s face it, weight loss is hard.


Actually, let me reframe that: long-term weight loss is hard.


The science is very clear that simply creating a caloric deficit is the main needle driver when it comes to weight loss. But why is it so difficult to maintain?


In this mind-blowing interview, Dr. Trevor Kashey highlights the importance of utilizing both objective and subjective methods to positively impact behavior change.  By doing this, weight loss can be accomplished in a reasonable, realistic, and data-driven way for the individual.


Dr. Trevor Kashey Ph.D. is a biochemist who began his scientific career in high school where he dedicated to non-small cell lung cancer research at the Translational Genomics Research Institute in Phoenix, AZ.


On top of regularly reviewing and publishing lay content, he contributes critical analysis of technical research data as a research reviewer for public and private institutions. Further, he is also a regular guest lecturer at local colleges and business seminars and is dedicated to the education and outreach in the field of sports nutrition and dietary supplements.


Trevor utilizes body composition improvements as a fulcrum for longstanding performance enhancement. He has worked with World’s Strongest Man competitors, 150-mile ultra marathon runners, and everything in between.


As you’ll hear in the show, Trevor blends anecdotal, academic, and clinical data, harmonizing it into practical dietary information for the general public. Not only is it important to be bigger, stronger, faster… it is paramount to be healthier to succeed in the long-term.



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