Fitness, Nutrition, & Lifestyle Hacks for the Busy Dad with Brent Myers, DC

By: Ben Brown

From joint health to better sleep and nutrition, you can actually hack your way to optimal health. Find out how by checking out my podcast with Dr. Brent Myers.


Brent is a chiropractic sports physician and owner of Myers Chiropractic and Functional Health in Asheville, North Carolina. In his practice, Brent combines chiropractic care, manual therapy techniques like ART, FAKRT, and Graston, and patient-specific rehab to improve patient outcomes.


Not enough people are spending time stretching and stretching just a few muscles will almost help the entire body.


Additionally, Brent utilizes a wide range of functional medicine treatments to further enhance his patients overall level of health. These include supplements, lab testing, and other “life hacks.”


During our awesome podcast, Brent and I focus a lot on these “life hacks.” We talk about hacks for sleep, nutrition, kids nutrition, supplementation, joint health and more. Brent also shares a number of his favorite apps you can utilize to improve your health and help you be your best self. It’s definitely an interview you won’t want to miss.


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In This Podcast We Also Discuss:


– How Brent sets his day up for success and the importance of “me time” [4:23]


– The struggles of balancing work and home life [9:06]


– Hacks for optimizing your energy later in the day [10:56]


– The cheapest drink to get your body going in the morning [13:13]


– Hacks for getting kids to eat healthy food and is must-have breakfast [14:47]


– Brent’s top 5 supplements for kids [18:24]


– The best ways to maintain joint health as we get older [21:25]


– Why it’s beneficial to hold long, static stretches [23:55]


– Techniques for people who don’t have time to stretch at the gym [25:59]


– The best stretches you can do if you sit at a desk all day [26:34]


– Why just 5 minutes of meditation is worthwhile [31:19]


– Hacks for optimizing sleep, even if you travel [32:30]


– The most important things to look at when tracking sleep [34:14]


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Here’s a list of Brent’s favorite apps and products mentioned in this podcast:

5 Minute Journal

My Life Map



Oura Ring




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