Learning to Eat Beyond Macros with Matt Walrath

By: Ben Brown

You don’t have to go on a restrictive diet in order to get leaner, stronger or perform better. According to Matt Walrath, the real key to sustainable nutrition and faster results revolves around manipulating macros (protein, carbs, and fat).


We use macro-counting as our guide for figuring out what habits you need to shift.


Matt Walrath is a CrossFit athlete and owner of Beyond Macros, a nutrition coaching company aimed at helping CrossFitters, triathletes and weightlifters improve performance through macronutrient-based nutrition coaching.


Through Matt’s unique approach to fitness that focuses on realistic and sustainable lifestyle changes, he’s been able to crack the code on how to help clients lose weight and keep it off.


During my awesome podcast with Matt, we talk about the importance of macronutrients, how to best utilize macros to get the fitness and body composition results you want, his favorite pre- and post-workout meals and much more. You’re going to learn a ton of useful nutrition tips from this interview. I hope you enjoy!


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In This Podcast We Also Discuss:


– Why macro counting is better and more sustainable than meal plans [2:35]


– The best entry-level place to start in determining your macros [6:53]


– Why Matt doesn’t recommend a particular amount of meals per day [7:57]


– How much protein you should aim to get each day [10:07]


– Carbohydrates and how too few carbs can lead to “Mom Brain” [13:33]


– How to best incorporate carbs when working out [16:02]


– The benefits of eating before and after you train [18:45]


– Matt’s favorite pre- and post-workout meals/snacks [21:46]


– How Matt views fats [26:11]


– The most frequent problems Matt sees with clients and how to fix them [33:27]


– Nutrition tips for people who travel [36:11]


– How to get your grocery bill down to $6 a day [38:38]


– Matt’s macro coaching program [44:08]


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