How to Grease the Wheels of Cognition (and Fat Loss) with Psychedelics with Craig Preisendorf

By: Ben Brown

Are you curious about the ketogenic diet and whether or not it’s right for you? Then this podcast with Craig Preisendorf is an absolute MUST.


Craig is ketogenic diet expert as well as a fitness trainer and nutritionist for world-class MMA fighters.


Craig’s interest in fitness began when he was 10 years old and continued when he joined U.S. Marine Corps. After gaining 40 lbs of fat at boot camp and leaving the military in worse shape than he entered, Craig realized there was something fundamentally wrong with the way people were being trained. This experience propelled Craig to learn as much as he could about fitness and nutrition.


Following the Marines, Craig became an amateur bodybuilder. However, after just three shows and poor training advice, Craig found himself in the emergency room where he almost died of full-body paralysis. It was then that Craig became interested in learning everything there is to know about the ketogenic diet.


Being in full keto cognitively is like night and day. It feels like you’re slightly micro-dosed on LSD all day. Keto feels like that level of clarity. It’s just pure energy.


Now Craig uses his knowledge of training and nutrition to help coach elite athletes and get them in the best shape of their lives. Additionally, Craig created The Superhero Makers where he combines biohacking and ketogenic strength and conditioning training to help people release their superhero alter ego.


Craig and I had a fantastic conversation about his experiences in the military, all the mistakes he made as a bodybuilder, his passion for the ketogenic diet and his unconventional approach of using nootropics and psychedelics to improve mental clarity and fitness performance in himself and his clients. This is a really captivating interview that will certainly keep you entertained.


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In This Podcast We Also Discuss:


-How getting kicked out of the house motivated Craig to join the Marine Corps [[5:38]]


-Craig’s big “aha” moment in the marines [[7:17]]


-The biggest bodybuilding mistakes Craig made that almost killed him [[11:00]]


-What attracted Craig to the ketogenic diet [[15:03]]


-Who should consider trying a keto diet [[23:11]]


-How going full keto is like tripping on LSD [[24:27]]


-Who should avoid a ketogenic diet [[26:53]]


-The most important things you need to know before trying any type of diet [[30:09]]


-Craig’s interested in nootropics and how he created the supplement LUCID [[35:32]]


-What nootropics are and the safest way to use them for improved brain function [[41:25]]


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Check out my comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to the Ketogenic Diet to learn more about the science behind the ketogenic diet and how to get started.


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