How to Use Corrective Exercise to Get Strong, Healthy, and Lean with Blake Bowman

By: Ben Brown

If you suffer from chronic pain (like most of us do), physical dysfunction or injury, this interview with Blake Bowman, NASM-CPT, CES is an absolute MUST.


A specialist in corrective exercise, Blake knows firsthand what it’s like to experience injury and chronic pain. When he transitioned from high school athletics to weight-lifting he dealt with injury after injury ultimately leading to surgery that left him out of commission for a full six months. That was the turning point when Blake decided to take matters into his own hands and “fix” himself. Now he uses a combination of corrective exercise and lifestyle management to help others do the same. Blake’s real claim to fame is having nearly 100,000 followers on his YouTube channel.


Blake has an incredible wealth of knowledge that EVERYONE can benefit from, whether you’re suffering from debilitating pain, minor pain or even no pain at all.


In This Episode, You’ll Discover


-Why Blake’s been foraging for medicinal mushrooms [2:11]


-The catalyst for becoming a specialist in corrective exercise [6:13]


-The steps Blake takes when he sees a client for the first time [11:42]


-The difference between corrective exercise and general exercise [12:05]


-The most common problem areas where people suffer from mobility and flexibility issues [15:49]


-Exercises and stretches that can benefit EVERYONE [27:27]


-Why you might want to tape your mouth shut at night [34:50]


-Blake’s approach to strength training [38:01]


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Blake’s 3 Best Postural Correction Exercises 


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