When Nutrition & Lifestyle Aren’t Enough – Considerations for Testosterone Optimization with Ali Gilbert [Podcast Episode #105]

By: Ben Brown

It’s a harsh reality that as a man, our testosterone levels likely never were and will never be what our grandparents and great grandparents experienced just 100 years ago.

Our world is changing, the stressors placed in, on and around our bodies are exponentially higher than they have ever been; from our air quality, water, and the chemicals in our food and in our skincare products. This hormonal disruption created from our environment adds yet another potentially significant factor when trying to improve health, gain muscle mass, and/or lose body fat. Of course, addressing your nutrition, sleep, training and mindset will all be the #1 most significant driver of healthy change, but what if that’s not enough to correct the imbalances present?

In this episode I bring back Ali Gilbert; men’s health, fitness, and hormonal optimization expert to discuss the nuances of testosterone replacement therapy and how to navigate the confusing and often misunderstood realm of hormonal optimization specifically for men.

In this episode we discuss:

> How Ali's views and approach on testosterone replacement changed over the past couple of years and what she knows now that she didn't know back then

> When and how to dose testosterone​

> Some of the signs that we may need to take a deeper look into our hormonal health, both obvious and not so obvious

> How our level of body fat correlates to reduced health or sexual function​

> The best way to improve health via exercise and which type of exercise is best

>​ Best nutrition guidelines for optimizing hormones

> If someone is diagnosed with "low T" what should they take into consideration before starting TRT

>​ At what point someone should consider TRT if they are doing "everything right"

> How to choose a TRT doc

>​ What daily objective and subjective physiological and lifestyle metrics can be and should be tracked to gauge progress

If you’ve been considering TRT and/or just want to know more about some of the considerations when looking into testosterone replacement, then you’re going to want to tune in to this episode.

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