10 Things I Learned from Charles Poliquin – Ben Brown

January 15, 2019byadmin

10 Things I Learned from Charles Poliquin aka The Strength Sensei [Solo Podcast Episode]   Having had the pleasure to learn from and get to know Charles Poliquin over the last 12 years has been instrumental in helping define who I am today. Its taken me a while to process his recent passing and the idea for this […]

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3 Post-Workout Mistakes that Will KILL Your Results

July 13, 2017byBen Brown

We all want to get the most out of our workouts. We put in the time and effort exercising and we expect to see results.   The problem is that we are so focused on the act of working out that we overlook certain seemingly simple things we do post-workout that can ultimately hinder our […]

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HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training): Short Workouts, Fast Results

June 13, 2017byBen Brown

  HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is one of the most time efficient ways to exercise. It’s also incredibly effective at improving cardiovascular health, speeding up metabolism, and burning fat.   If you’re not familiar with HIIT, that’s OK. In this post, I’m going to explain what HIIT is, how it works, why it’s good for […]

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How to do Metabolic Testing & Body Composition Analysis – Dan Dodd, PhD.

March 27, 2017byBen Brown

BSL Nutrition co-founder and CEO Ben Brown interviews Dexafit owner Dr. Dan Dodd about: – The value of Dexa scans for body composition assessment – RMR testing and determining caloric needs – VO2 max testing for both athletes and general population – Substrate utilization or determining how much carbs, fat and protein someone needs during […]

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Muscle Activation Technique (M.A.T.) – Joey Emont

March 25, 2017byBen Brown

  In this interview with Joey Emont of – @RestoraFit We discussed: Joey’s vast experience ranging from personal trainer/strength coach, BioSignature Modulation, Nutrition and Functional Medicine, to overarching passion for using Muscle Activation Techniques (M.A.T) to correct muscle dysfunction for all levels of clientele. The importance of creating a great team of health pro’s […]

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