How to Reclaim your Metabolism and Finally Lose Weight with E3 Energy Evolved

By: Ben Brown

In this interview, we talk about Heather and Damians unique approach to individualized healing and metabolic health enhancement.

Diagnostic & Functional Nutritionists, Damian & Heather Dubé, are the Co-Founders of e3 Energy Evolved, a thyroid, adrenal & metabolic restoration system helping women & men create their lifetime-best natural wellness & metabolism.

They discovered their system during their battle to successfully beat Heather’s advanced Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Autoimmune Disease drug-free through nutrition & lifestyle, and transform her body to compete naturally as a US National Level Figure Athlete in 2 years.

With 50 years combined education & experience in nutrition, wellness,
psychology, athletics & pharmacy, they are Nutritionists, Athletes, Expert Contributors for Experience Life & OnFitness Magazines, & Nutrition Science Peer Reviewers to mass market fat loss brands like TapouT XT.

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