What You Need to Know About Dietary Supplements

By: Ben Brown

Should you be using supplements and how to choose a quality product.

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In this interview with Taylor Robbins of http://bodytemplesystem.com and BSL Nutrition owner, Ben Brown, we take a deep dive into:


1) What my #1 “Stranded Island” supplement would be? (http://bit.ly/2tWPYaB)

2) How do we know what supplements are tested for efficacy? (http://bit.ly/2tX19QN)

3) Which supplements are the biggest waste of money? (http://bit.ly/2f1Tytp)

4) What are the BEST muscle building supplements? (http://bit.ly/2uRfsnk)

5) The important of essential amino acids and the Complete Essentials product (http://bit.ly/2hg5Nn0)


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