5 Key Components to 400,000 lbs of Weight Loss – Mike Koskoniemi

By: Ben Brown

What would you think if I told you that there was a gym in Michigan that has amassed close to 400,000 lbs of weight loss with their clients in the past 15 years?

You’d probably think “What do they know that I don’t”???

Well, I’m happy to share my interview with owners, Mike & Sarah Koskiniemi of Motions Fitness in Marquette Michigan who have clearly fine tuned the “magic formula” for fat loss…

In the full Interview, we discuss:

– The Motions 5 Point System for Producing Maximal Results
– Why and How they’re Very Different from Other Training Gyms
– Their Nutritional Approach to Fat Loss (THIS WILL SURPRISE YOU)
– The Psychology of Effective Weight Loss
– Childhood Trauma and The Emotional Relationship to Getting and Keeping Results
– Diagnostic Testing and Determining Nutritional Needs based on Genetic Variability
– The Mechanism’s Behind Weight Regain
– Ketogenioc Nutrition and What a Perfect Day of Nutrition Looks Like
– Alcohol and A Low Carb Dieting Approach

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