Finding your Purpose with Taylor Robbins [Podcast Episode #75]

By: Ben Brown

Today we talk with by buddy Taylor Robbins about how he found his purpose as a man, as a father, as a husband, by identifying with his spirituality and how that really helped him create more balance in his life, less stress, and more stability - mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.

Taylor RobbinsStrength & Nutrition Coach

Nothing about us is connected to any circumstance because a man is still a man and has a certain purpose even if he’s not a dad or a husband. So there is something more innate about us that we need to find and connect with.

Taylor has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years, and he started as a personal trainer and a strength coach, and transitioned into owning his own nutrition consulting company. And more recently, he's been consulting for gyms as well as being a full-time general manager for a gym in San Diego. But he loves every element of health and nutrition and fitness, and as you'll hear, he's very wise and knowledgeable about the industry and about himself and his journey.

We'll dive into some of the useful bio-hacks revolving around testosterone replacement, when and if it's appropriate to be used. We talk about why strength training is a crucial element of any body transformation program, and why most people, frankly, are just doing it wrong. Lastly, we talk about why managing our insulin levels effectively is not only the key to better body composition, but improved longevity and quality of life.

I think, as always, you guys are going to enjoy this episode. It was really a phenomenal conversation that I learned a lot from, and Taylor definitely challenged me to think a little bit deeper about my own purpose, about why I'm doing what I'm doing, and about who I am. Who is Ben at the end of the day without this podcast, without my physique, without my family, without my job? Just who I am and what my purpose is. So hopefully he will challenge you to think the same.

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