An Alternative Way of Assessing Chronic Disease with Brendan Vermeire [Podcast Episode #94]

By: Ben Brown

In a world that is plagued by chronic disease, we’ve realized that we can’t medicate or cut our way out of a lifestyle and environmentally induced epidemic. Note that I said lifestyle induced. It is my opinion that much of what plagues us we have created within ourselves, be it physical, mental, and/or emotional, and certainly not intentionally, but as a product of the poisonous environment we live in, the food we consume, and people we surround ourselves with. In order to heal, we need to change all of those environmental factors, yet sometimes getting a better idea of exactly what plagues us, physiologically, can be a motivating driver to know what and how to move forward.

Enter “functional diagnostic nutrition” - an alternative way of objectively assessing health, or dis-ease and a methodology to treat the root cause of illness using various components of diagnostic testing, lifestyle modification, nutritional intervention, supplementation, and stress management.

Today I interview Brendan Vermeire, a Functional Medicine Consultant and Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in complex chronic illness. After being exposed to the power of functional lab testing in the start of his career, he began intensely pursuing that as a career path which has lead him to being the current Director of the Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners, the owner/founder of the Premier Virtual Integrative Health Clinic, Metabolic Solutions, and a Clinical Educator for Bio-Botanical Research.

Brendan VermeireFunctional Medicine Consultant

A lot of times with my clients im catching the actual cause that drives the path of physiology whereas medical doctors are really looking to assess the degree of path of physiology and treat the disease progression. We're actually looking for what caused it in the first place and what can we do to remove the stressor in the first place.

In today's episode, we talk about some of the nuances of functional diagnostic nutrition, when, if, and how it can be responsibly used and what other factors are necessary to help promote healing and long-term health, including physical activity, social and emotional support, and healthier eating habits.

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