How Emily Lost 70 lbs in 8 Months Without Eating Vegetables – [Client Spotlight – Podcast Episode #86]

By: Ben Brown

What if I told you that you could lose weight while still drinking beer and eating chicken tenders and without having to eat your vegetables? You’d probably tell me I was full of it… and rightfully so. Except that today I’m interviewing my amazing client, Emily, a busy attorney who has lost over 70 lbs. in the past 8 months all while still enjoying her craft beer and occasional chicken tenders and all without harming a single vegetable in the process.

In this conversation, Emily shares how her lack of nutrition knowledge had been a majoring limiting factor for her throughout her life and the simple process of food tracking created an insatiable hunger in her (pun intended) to start learning everything she could about nutrition and fitness. But this journey has been anything but an easy one, with plenty of mental battles to fight, doubt to overcome, weight loss plateaus for us to analyze, and a huge lifestyle transformation to undergo.

Emily Client Spotlight

I didn’t know if I could be successful long-term without a solid knowledge base of nutrition and fundamentals and how an exercise program plays in. And I knew I needed someone to help me and I didn’t have anybody like that in my life. I needed somebody who I could talk to about difficult concepts, I could talk to about struggles that I was having. I knew that eventually I was going to hit a plateau and I wasn’t going to know how to deal with it.

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