Using Biometrics for Tracking Nutrition & Training Progress with Coach Ryan Faehnle [Podcast Episode #81]

By: Ben Brown

With the myriad of nutrition and training philosophies out there to choose from, social media influencers, and Dr. Google, it’s no wonder that we’re no closer to having an answer to how to effectively lose weight, and keep it off.

Frankly, I’m just not sure we ever will…

Because there’s always the need to dive deeper into the real question at hand, which is “What will work for me?”

And, of course, the answer is, “it depends”.

It’s clear at this point that there’s no ONE way, rather, WHICH way of doing things is going to work for you at this point in your life?

That’s why it’s so important to find a coach that understands the nuances of training and nutrition so that they can adjust their methodology to fit you, your current lifestyle, your nutritional knowledge, your training experience, your readiness for change, and commitment level.

In this conversation with Coach Ryan Faehnle, we discuss just that: The nuances of training and why, as a coach, having a big toolbox may be one of the most crucial elements to long-term client success.

Ryan Faehnle is an online nutrition, strength coach, and consultant for individuals and sports organizations who prides himself on being a well-versed coach with a very big toolbox (he paid me to say this) who uses his complex understanding of all things strength training and nutrition, anatomy and behavior-change, to create easy to implement and results-oriented progress with his numerous clientele.

Ryan FaehnleStrength Coach

Just weight training alone we have body building, power lifting, Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, strong man, kettle ball training, cross training. Why not learn from all those disciplines so that when that client comes in your door who needs one of those things you can use the right tool for the right job.

Additionally we discuss:

- The importance of carrying a big toolbox

- How the public is being misled because many fitness influencers don't understand NUANCE (which only a professional can understand)

- Importance of tracking indicators in all aspects of training, nutrition, performance

- Why aerobic work is important and not detrimental to strength and muscle gains

- Finding the balance between work, family, fitness

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