Nutritional Periodization and the Fat Loss Fallacy with Sam Miller [Podcast Episode #80]

By: Ben Brown

I’m pleased to welcome on the show Sam Miller from Sam is a super-smart guy that has a unique ability to translate complex concepts into relatable and easy to understand frameworks for the coaches and individuals that he mentors.

Today we’re talking about the fat loss fallacy that creating a calorie deficit is all that is needed for weight loss. Now, you’ve heard me harp on this approach before but Sam and I take it one step further by really diving into the nuances of why calories can be utilized so differently for each individual and what other factors have a potentially equal or greater influence on our physique goals.


Fat loss is more than just calories in and calories out. It’s actually the calories that we eat minus the calories that are actually absorbed and then you have to factor in things like resting metabolic rate, non-exercise activity level, exercise activity level and the thermic affect of food. When you factor all of that together that equation is a better predictor of your fat loss success.

Additionally, we talk about the concept of nutritional periodization, or realistically manipulating the variables of a nutrition plan, and often in line with their training intensities, throughout the year for people in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable for them that will lead to long-term success AND improve their health.

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