How to Become a Next Level Human with Dr. Jade Teta [Podcast Episode #79]

By: Ben Brown

There are 3 factors more important to your success in life than anything else; more important than IQ, social or emotional intelligence…

They are…

The belief you have in yourself, the belief others have in you, and the ability to turn stress, hurt, tragedy and pain into fuel for growth. All three of these factors are enhanced by other people.

Jade Teta, naturopathic doctor, metabolism expert, and weight loss psychology expert believes that in order to make a meaningful difference in this world, we need other people to succeed, and they need us. We need connection, engagement, and support. These are the imperatives that any Next Level Human lives by; to learn, to teach, and to love.

Dr. Jade TetaAuthor of Next Level Tribe and Next Level Human

We humans want to do something of substance. We want to live meaningful lives that matter. That is what we crave. We want people to see us. We want acknowledgement. We want to be heard and be held…

Dr. Jade Teta is an integrative physician, author and sought-after expert in the realm of metabolism and self-development. He was a previous guest on Episode 29, one of my most popular episodes where we discussed all things metabolism and weight loss.

Dr. Teta has recently started a new company, Jade Teta, LLC, that combines his fitness knowledge with his expertise in self-development and mindset change in addition to a couple new books, Next Level Tribe and Next Level Human, which is much of what we discuss on the show today.

Here’s how to connect with Jade:


Book: Next Level Human

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