How to Change your Metabolic Setpoint for Lasting Weight Loss with Jonathan Bailor [Podcast Episode #76]

By: Ben Brown

Do you remember the show: The Biggest Loser?

It was a TV show where a number of obese contestants were jettisoned to “fat camp” for 30 weeks to compete to see who could lose the most weight (by over exercising and starving themselves), with the biggest transformation hailing as “The Biggest Loser”.

I’ll be honest, it did make for some good TV.

The problem was, despite their hard work, habit change, and dedication to their new lifestyle, a research study showed that six years after their initial weight loss 14 contestants had regained all of their weight, and then some.

The most significant finding from this study was the change in resting metabolic rate, which slowed down dramatically after their weight loss.

The significance of this is that the slower your metabolism, the more you have to cut back on calories to avoid gaining weight.

If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight and keep it off, you probably know how much of a blow regaining weight can be on your self-confidence.

I recently had a conversation with NYT best-selling author of the SetPoint Diet, Jonathan Bailor, about our bodies metabolic “setpoint” and why losing weight AND keeping it off can be so difficult.

Jonathan BailorNYT Best-Selling Author

It doesn’t matter how many calories are in the thing you’re eating. What matters is if it’s causing inflammation in your brain. If it’s dysregulating your hormones and if it’s mucking up your gut bacteria you’re going to chronically gain weight, period.

You see, in each of us, there’s a delicate, dynamic, and profound communication system between brain, digestive system, and hormones that work to synchronize the chemical processes that regulate how we store body fat.

Basically, as I’ve talked about before, our bodies inner thermostat, which stimulates or suppresses your appetite by raising or lowering your metabolic rate - your bodies food to fuel process - in response to how much fat it “thinks” you should have.

The problem is, there are a myriad of factors at play that, for all intents and purposes, wreak havoc with this thermostatic mechanism.

In this podcast episode we discuss:

✅ Set point - How our metabolism adjusts in response to both weight loss and weight gain.

✅ The “eat less, exercise more” approach and why it is guaranteed to fail

✅ The 3 hidden factors that determine your weight - your brain, gut and hormones

✅ The SANE approach to regulating your metabolism - satiety, aggression, nutrition, efficiency.

✅ And lastly, but possibly most importantly, we’ll talk about how to develop a weight loss mindset that revolves around self love, how to navigate the shame cycle, and how to STOP saying “what the hell” so you can positively impact your bodies set point for long-term, permanent weight loss.

If you’ve been struggling with your weight and are confused about why your body seems to be fighting against you’re every effort, then this conversation is a must-listen.

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