Principles and Application of Nutrition & Training Strategies with James Tognarini [Podcast Episode #71]

By: Ben Brown


In the informationally complex world of nutrition and fitness what separates the elite health professionals of the world from the rest?

Well, I’ll tell you…

It’s 3 things:

  1. They never stop learning and continually make it a priority to learn from those that are getting great results in their field.
  2. They can confidently admit that there is more than one way to get clients great results and accomplish this by aligning ONLY with what’s best for their client rather than any one particular nutritional dogma.
  3. They practice what they preach. period.

In this conversation with strength & conditioning coach James Tognarini, we discuss his passion for learning and how its helped him to develop effective and realistic training, nutrition, and supplemental considerations for his clientele, regardless of their limitations or goals.

James TognariniOwner, Front Line Conditioning

Asking someone who has never stepped in a gym before, has a high stress job and can barely stay awake half way through the day to exercise five times a week and cut out carbs completely or what have you is a lot to ask for a lot of people. I think that’s where a lot of failure comes from.

Additionally, we discuss:

- How improving joint limitations can contribute to weight loss

- Why logging foods can be pivotal for creating accountability

- Which nutrition decisions may be the most advantageous to long-term results

- How “dieting” struggles can often be great learning tools

- Foundational supplementation for help support nutrient deficiencies

Finally, James and I talk about the value of focusing more intrinsically through meditation and expressing gratitude daily. With a myriad of factors that affect us externally; including poor sleep, nutrition, stress, etc., having the ability to slow things down and manage stress through journaling and breathing exercises could prove to be their most valuable weight loss (and longevity) asset.

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