How to Jumpstart, Retrain, and Maintain your Metabolism with Dr. Emmett Blahnik [Podcast Episode #67]

By: Ben Brown

What if I told you that it’s not the food that you’re eating that’s making you fat?!

Rather, it’s how your body is utilizing that food by virtue of our metabolic processes that burns it as fuel and/or stores it as fat…

And our current health, our environment, and our food quality are the major determinants in how well our metabolism functions to help keep us lean, healthy and strong.

“I think we need to reframe the conversation from weight loss and weight management to metabolism. I do not believe that food makes you fat. It’s what our bodies are doing with that food.” - Dr. Emmett Blahnik

In this episode with Dr. Emmet Blahnik, founder of, we dive into several key factors beyond Calories in vs. calories out that can determine how well we function with the calories we consume, including:

  1. Avoiding hormone disrupting chemicals in our foods by sticking mainly to quality meats and veggies.
  2. Why and how our fat intake is a crucial part of our health, from our cellular foundation to the precursors for our hormonal raw materials.
  3. What hydration has to do with metabolism
  4. How neuro and micro-toxins can put the brakes on weight loss and where they come from
  5. And much more…

Ultimately, Dr. Blahnik teaches in his nutritional framework, and upcoming book: Simply Eat Real Food (SERF), we can start to reverse the obesity epidemic and build the healthy metabolisms that we need to lose weight, feel great and balance our hormones naturally.

Connect with Dr. Blahnik:

Dr. Emmett Blahnik founder of and Next Level Health News. Dr. Blahnik is a Best Selling Author, TedTalks Speaker, United Nations Speaker, Not only an Olympic Games and Multiple Wold Championships Games Doctor, Dr. Blahnik is also currently at 44 years old a TEAM USA Athlete in Cross Triathlon. A 5X Ironman, an NCAA All American in wrestling, Dr. Blahnik owns and helps coach and operate some of the largest, and BEST Natural Health Clinics in the World. Dr. Blahnik is A board certified Weight Management Specialist, as well as, one of few board certified Specialist Certification of Obesity Professional Education in America. Dr. Blahnik is finishing his next best seller Simply Eat Real Foods, SERF in 2019.

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