The Impact of Sleep on Health, Body Composition, and Brain Function with Dr. Court Vreeland [Podcast Episode #65]

By: Ben Brown

There’s not a physiological disorder or disease that isn’t impacted by a lack of sleep.

In fact, for me, as a coach, if there was only one thing that I could help clients with that would significantly contribute to improving their health, improving body composition, emotional stability, cognitive function, increase longevity, etc…. it would be figuring out how to improve their sleep.

As such, sleep if often one of the first things that I address with all new clients.

The crazy thing is, despite how important sleep is for our overall health and daily function, relatively little is known about about the intricacies of why we need a specific amount and how our individual needs can vary.

Regardless, in today’s episode, we’re joined by Dr. Court Vreeland to discuss the relationship between sleep and health, from a body and brain perspective.

“People who sleep the appropriate amount are better at consolidating memories, they are better at learning, they are better able to take a skill and master it because their brain is doing what its supposed to do in terms of efficiency. It’s really important for the brain to have this down time to rest and repair.”

Dr. Vreeland is a Chiropractic functional neurologist with a private practice in Vermont. He is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and expert in functional medicine.

Join us as we dive into the importance of sleep, including:

  • Brain function and optimal learning
  • A deeper understanding of the sleep cycle and what happens when we don’t get enough sleep
  • What strategies to employ to improve sleep hygiene using - nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and supplementation
  • Leptin Resistance and obesity
  • How to address common sleep issues, including falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up easily

If you feel like your sleep issues could be the elephant in the room, potentially keeping you looking, feeling, and thinking as well as you’d like, then this episode of the Smart Nutrition Made Simple Show is for you!

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