Nutrition Strategies for High Performers to Fuel their Day for Success with Nate Palmer [Podcast Episode #64]

By: Ben Brown

There’s a common denominator when it comes to why so many of us struggle to be consistent with our nutrition - especially hard charging entrepreneurs…

of course, it’s finding the TIME to “eat right”.

Despite the fact that this, in itself is a massive limiting belief, it goes without saying that the easier we can make things in the kitchen and on the road, the more successful we’ll be…especially when faced with periods of excessive work, stress, and travel.

In this episode, we catch up with Phoenix, AZ based personal trainer and fat loss ninja, Nate Palmer. Nate is the bestselling author of Passport Fitness: The No-Nonsense Guide To Staying In Shape No Matter What City You Wake Up In as well as the creator of the comprehensive mobile friendly workout system created for those that travel frequently called Bod-in-a-Box.

Having spent the last several years working with extremely busy entrepreneurs and executives, Nate offers first hand knowledge about what it takes to build and maintain a “million dollar body” with tried and tested nutrition and training strategies.

“The first thing to put a big priority on is how they can fit a healthy nutritious plan into their lifestyle. You have to be doing a nutrition plan that supplements your lifestyle, helps you create energy, create focus and doesn’t take a ton of time.”

Additionally, we discuss:

  • How Nate worked his way into a competitive fitness industry after realizing he wasn’t cut out for the standard 9-5
  • Why the standard American breakfast is setting upon your brain and body for disaster (and what to eat instead).
  • What’s in Nate’s “Optimal Body Coffee” recipe that will supercharge their brain
  • Why you need to be strategic about using your “decision making muscle” for important decisions, not silly food choices.
  • How to embrace hunger to fuel your productivity through enhanced brain activity
  • When the best time to implement carbs is to help with stress reduction and improved sleep
  • Nate’s Million Dollar Meal Plan: The guide to boosting energy and focus

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The Million Dollar Meal Plan

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