Should You Be Counting Calories To Lose Weight? – TJ Jankowski [Podcast Episode #61]

By: Ben Brown

There’s power in simplicity.

It’s obvious that I believe that, hence the name of the show - The Smart Nutrition Made Simple Show...

But sometimes the complexity of the topics we speak about lead us to believe that things are more difficult than they seem, i.e. hormones, gut health, functional medicine, supplementation, nutrient timing, intermittent fasting…

I suppose one cannot help be confused given the vastness and depth of the content that’s out there for our immediate access.

Today however, we take things back to the basics to give you the tangible tools to help you make the smart nutrition decisions.

“Actually taking a step back and keeping things as simple as possible is really what can pay off for people. The biggest thing that’s changed everything for me is simply understanding what a calorie is and what that means.” - TJ Jankowski

I’m thrilled to introduce you to TJ Jankowski, a former fat kid who found the gym just in time to become a professional/international rugby player.

TJ now is the main guy at TJ Strength, an Online Coaching company that focusses on practical, long-term results.

His coaching focuses on three key areas:

  1. Using smart nutrition strategies to build a chiseled physique. 
  2. Practical, cutting-edge training that produces consistent progress on the field and in the mirror.
  3. Figuring out how to implement the first two points in real-life situations to stay as consistent as possible

In todays episode we discuss:

  • Calorie counting and creating more nutritional awareness
  • Decision fatigue and WHY it’s necessary to plan ahead
  • Being proactive vs reactive in order to avoid sabotaging your weight loss goals.

If you enjoy my perspectives on nutrition then I’m confident this episode is for you as TJ and I clearly see eye to eye on nutrition and why it’s so important to make things simple for long-term success.

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