The Role of Genetic Testing in Optimizing Hormonal Health with Dr. Tracy Gapin [Podcast Episode #60]

By: Ben Brown

What are epigenetics and why is it important to do genetic testing to optimize our health?

That’s what we discuss today on the show with Dr. Tracy Gapin.

According to Dr. Gapin, “Epigenetics is the science of lifestyle. We know that what you eat, how you sleep, how you deal with stress, how you move, all these things, all these environmental factors, affect the expression of the cells in your body.”

Dr. Gapin is a board certified urologist, men's health expert, and epigenetic coach. He focuses on helping busy, successful men optimize their health, get their edge back and reach their full potential. He offers a personalized path to help men maximize their sexual health, hormone levels and vitality through advanced epigenetic coaching and a bio-individualized approach to helping men optimize their performance.

The science of epigenetics, as Dr. Gapin discusses, shows us that how we eat, move, breathe, sleep, and think is what actually dictates our health. While our genetics may predispose us to certain conditions, it’s our lifestyle that activates or suppresses the expression of that DNA.

With the advent of DNA/genetic testing now, we have the ability to examine our individual genetic code to determine what may be the right type of nutrition, sleep, stress management, movement/fitness, supplementation, as well as detoxification and hormone specificity for that person.

This also sheds meaningful light into what and how lifestyle, nutrition, and environmental factors can contribute to a decline in men’s health and performance, specifically testosterone levels.

We also discuss:

  • The pervasiveness of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC’s) that act like estrogens in our body
  • How to use “precision medicine” to individualize a program to someones genetic testing with their current lifestyle.
  • The epidemic decline in men’s testosterone levels and what can be done about it.
  • Transgenerational exposure to EDC’s and the impact on fertility today.
  • Simple nutrition and lifestyle habits to boost testosterone

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