Medicinal Mushrooms, Cold Therapy and Beyond: A Look into a Biohackers Paradise with Blake Bowman

By: Ben Brown

Medicinal Mushrooms, Cold Therapy and Beyond: A Look into a BioHackers Paradise with Blake Bowman [Podcast Episode #56]


What the heck is BioHacking?


Blake Bowman, of explains that despite the fact that even though he identifies with the term “biohacking”, or is seen as a “biohacker”, what he really practices is health-optimization. 


Essentially this is taking sometimes unconventional steps; utilizing technology as well as natural resources from mother nature in order to optimize health. In fact, as Bowman explains, the BEST “biohackers” actually emulate nature, like getting in the ocean, grounding your body on the part with bare skin, getting in the sunlight, exercising daily, and eating whole foods that are local and seasonal.


The reality however is that most people don’t practice these health optimization strategies that our ancestors have been practicing for hundreds of thousands of years. Therefore, we need someone like Blake to show us how ands what we should be doing in order to improve our sleep, manage our stress, heal our body, and nourish our soul.


Blake Bowman is a holistic health expert, biohacker, human optimizer, online coach/creator.  He strives to give people the knowledge and tools they need to take their health back into their own hands.  Find him at


In this interview, we discuss various ways to improve health through the benefits:


  1. Sunlight and vitamin D, why it’s a necessary, and how to get vitamin D in the winter 
  2. Cold therapy and it’s impact on both short and long-term health as well as the various ways to implement daily cold therapy into your busy day.
  3. The role of medicinal mushrooms in helping humans live healthier lives, which ones we should be buying, and why they’re sod beneficial.


Additionally, we talk about some unique products and supplements, including Blake’s upcoming medicinal mushroom formula that he’s launching in 2019.





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