Are You Suffering from Vitamin A Toxicity? – Dr. Garrett Smith

By: Ben Brown

Are You Suffering From Vitamin A Toxicity? – Dr. Garrett Smith [Podcast Episode #53].

What is everything we thought we knew about nutrition was wrong?


Through a combination of years of hair tissue mineral analysis coupled with a insatiable desire to uncover the truth about clinical nutrition, Dr. Garrett Smith has dug up some pretty convincing data to suggest that many of the foods that we eat today could in fact be slowing eroding our health.


Welcome back Dr. Garrett Smith to the show. In episode #9 we discussed the value of utilizing hair mineral analysis testing to determine both nutrient imbalances and deficiencies and why there is no one-size-fits-all model for nutrition nor supplementation. In this episode we take it one step further and pull the curtain back on one essential vitamin that could in fact be robbing us of our health and vitality.


Dr. Garrett has been in the medical practice for over 10 years. Prior to that, he worked in the fitness industry training high-end athletes for 12 years. His passion for nutrition stemmed from his work in the fitness field, finding the crucial aspects of nutrition within athletic performance.


In this mind-blowing interview, Dr. Garrett discusses the role of both vitamin D and vitamin A, and why food fortification and misinformation has contributed to our increasingly diseased population. Additionally, why certain diets, like the carnivore diet, seem to work so well for some people based on his Vitamin A toxicity hypothesis.





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