Naked Sunbathing, Red Meat, and Ancestral Eating with Dr. Jack Wolfson

By: Ben Brown

Naked Sunbathing, Red Meat, and Ancestral Eating with Dr. Jack Wolfson

If you’ve struggled with cardiovascular problems or generally want to learn how to live a heart-healthy lifestyle, then check out my interview with Jack Wolfson, DO.


Dr. Wolfson is a board-certified holistic cardiologist who was sick and tired of seeing a revolving door of patients failing to get well from conventional pills and procedures. As a result, Dr. Wolfson opened up Wolfson Integrative Cardiology where he uses a combination of in-depth testing and targeted nutrition to treat and prevent cardiovascular disease naturally. Rather than treating symptoms, Dr. Wolfson focuses on the whole person and getting to the root cause of their heart problems.


It will be the public, the individual people that really call on their physicians to come up with something different. And when enough people are asking their healthcare provider about probiotics, digestive enzymes, about taking a multivitamin, about exercise recovery powders, the doctors are going to have to realize that they either change or they’re going to be left behind.


Additionally, Dr. Wolfson is the author of the Amazon bestseller The Paleo Cardiologist, a book focused on practical solutions for heart health.


In this week’s awesome podcast, Dr. Wolfson and I talk about what it means to live a paleo lifestyle, his position on the pharmaceutical industry, lifestyle and supplement tips for improved heart health, the importance of cholesterol and so much more.


Dr. Wolfson absolutely practices what he preaches and I think a lot of the information in this podcast will really change your views on what you can do to prevent or treat cardiovascular disease.


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In This Podcast We Also Discuss:


– How his father’s failing health changed his entire perspective on conventional medicine [3:59]


– The need for doctors to change their approach to health and wellness [7:49]


– Why he is such a big proponent of a paleo diet and living a paleo lifestyle [11:37]


– His take on eating excess healthy fats [14:06]


– The truth about saturated fats and cholesterol [17:05]


– The best predictors of cardiovascular health (HINT: It’s not total cholesterol) [19:48]


– What it means to find the perfect paleo cholesterol [23:42]


– Why the Wolfson family hangs out naked in their backyard on the weekends [24:47]


– The best form of exercise for heart health [33:16]


– Why marathoners and other endurance athletes are more likely to experience cardiovascular problems [34:37]


– Dr. Wolfson’s top 5 foundational supplements [37:03]


– Negative implications of statin use that everyone NEEDS to know [42:00]


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You can purchase a copy of The Paleo Cardiologist on Dr. Wolfson’s website or on Amazon.



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