The End of Dieting with Amy Pamensky

By: Ben Brown

When it comes to losing weight, improving energy, or simply getting healthier, restrictive diets aren’t necessarily the best option. In fact, according to Amy Pamensky, they can often lead to feelings of defeat, frustration, and disappointment.


Amy is known as the Spiritual Nutrition. She helps women who are tired of dieting get out of nutritional overwhelm so that they can live better, be more comfortable with their bodies, and enjoy food again.


As a clinical nutritionist consultant and holistic nutrition coach, Amy works with clients to create long-term food and lifestyle changes. Her approach to nutrition is realistic and balanced. She focuses on a combination of high-quality nutrients, eating psychology, and spirituality to provide a comprehensive mind-body approach for healing.


Every single food choice that we make starts in our mind. So, if we don’t work on the mind and we just work on the facts and here’s what to eat, here’s what not to eat, then it’s a really big gap that we’re missing.


Amy is the founder of Nourished Balance, where she offers nutrition coaching, nutrition advice, recipes, and workplace wellness programs. Also, Amy recently launched Spiritual Nutritionist, where she offers group coaching, workshops, and wellness retreats.


During my awesome podcast with Amy, we talk about what it means to be a spiritual nutritionist, her own personal struggles with digestive problems, the realm of eating psychology, body image, and more. I really enjoyed this interview and I know you will, too.


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In This Podcast We Also Discuss:


– How debilitating digestive issues led her to pursue a career as a spiritual nutritionist [3:49]


– The importance of the mind-body connection [10:53]


– Two spectrums of perception that people often have with food [14:01]


– How to determine if you’re eating because of emotional reasons  [15:35]


– The importance of not basing our identity off of a specific type of diet [17:55]


– Tools to help women feel more comfortable with their body [19:26]


– Amy’s biggest failures [30:01]


– Why you need to set time for yourself in the morning [36:21]


– The three pillars of becoming fully nourished [40:02]


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