The Youth Method: Defy Aging and Reclaim Your Health with Erin Nielsen

By: Ben Brown

Are you experiencing joint pain, weight gain and/or lack of energy as you’re getting older? Find out how to become a healthier, fitter, younger you by checking out my podcast with Erin Nielsen.


Erin is a licensed physical therapist, certified health coach and Pilates instructor who’s made it her mission to find the fountain of youth. Erin believes that no matter your age you can naturally reset your body to burn fat, look youthful and get your energy back by tackling the root causes of deteriorating youth and health.


I started to change the way I ate, the way I exercised and even my mindset and I put those things into practice myself and I saw these amazing changes.


Through The Youth Method program, Erin empowers women, particularly those who are 40+, through nutrition, fitness, and mindset to defy aging and reclaim their health.


Today on the show Erin and I talk in depth about The Youth Method. We also chat about the 4Ps of nutrition, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and Erin’s 10/5/3/1 method of gratitude. This is a really inspirational interview that you won’t want to miss.

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In This Podcast We Also Discuss:


– How her sister’s neck injury sparked her interest in physical therapy [[1:57]]


– The major health changes Erin noticed when she turned 40 [[6:39]]


– Why Erin started The Youth Method [[8:10]]


– The best way to eat in order to look younger and feel younger [[10:34]]


– Some of Erin’s favorite meals, including her go-to healthy dessert recipes [[12:44]]


– Foods you should avoid, especially ones that are disguised as health foods [[17:21]]


– Erin’s biggest exercise mistake and the best workouts to improve longevity [[19:35]]


– Examples of Erin’s 10-30 minute HIIT workouts [[22:05]]


– Why you should consider doing 1 random act of kindness a day [[29:05]]


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As a thank you to our listeners, Erin is offering everyone a free copy of her 72 Hour Flat Belly Detox. The detox includes three 10-minute workouts as well as recipes and meal plans.


Also, check out this link for the Brownie Bites recipe that she mentions in the podcast.


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