What Your Morning Wood Says About You with Ali Gilbert

By: Ben Brown


Do you have the quintessential “dad bod,” find it difficult to lose weight, have low muscle tone and/or experience feelings of depression? It’s possible that you could have low testosterone. Low-T is becoming increasingly common, currently affecting 4 in every 10 men over the age of 45 according to the Urology Care Foundation. If you’re experiencing these symptoms or know someone who is, then check out my podcast with Ali Gilbert.


Ali is a trainer and fitness expert who specializes in men’s health. She is highly sought after for her unique approach to training that includes a combination of nutrition and hormone optimization to improve body composition.


Ali is a Golf Digest top 50 golf fitness professional and is the founder of the personal online coaching brand Metabolic Golf, where she trains busy professionals who are aiming to improve their golf game through strength, nutrition and lifestyle changes. She is also a partner at Greenwich DX Sports Lab and the director of performance at CLAY Health Club + Spa in Port Chester, NY.


Let’s address the lifestyle issues first, because maybe this person doesn’t need testosterone therapy. Sometimes if you dump therapy on top of a crappy lifestyle they may feel better, but they still have the crappy lifestyle. And then, going down the road, they’re just going to need more testosterone, which isn’t the answer. So, they really have to fix the underlying lifestyle factors first.


During our show today Ali and I dive deep into the importance of measuring testosterone levels in men, especially those over 40, why so many men are suffering from low T, how our environment, lifestyle, sleep, nutrition and training affect testosterone and what we can do to overcome some of these obstacles through lifestyle changes. If you’re over 40 or simply just interested in understanding more about testosterone and how to improve your hormones through lifestyle, then this podcast will provide you with immense value.

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In This Podcast We Also Discuss:


– Why Ali became an advocate for men’s health [5:15]


– How our environment and obesity contribute to the low-T epidemic [7:57]


– Whether or not our body is actually able to detoxify itself [11:27]


– Telltale signs of low-T [12:28]


– The relationships between stress and low-T [15:12]


– Some first steps men can take if they suspect they have low testosterone [17:56]


– Blood markers of low-T that conventional doctors may be overlooking [20:35]


– Lifestyle, nutrition and training factors that can help improve testosterone levels [30:12]


– Subjective and objective tools Ali uses on her clients before each training session [41:22]


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