The Joint “Super Stiffness Model” and Injury Prevention with Sebastian Gonzales, DC

By: Ben Brown

If you’re living with joint pain, muscle imbalances or stiffness then this podcast with Dr. Sebastian Gonzales will teach you ways to both optimize joint health and prevent injury.


Sebastian is a doctor of chiropractic, certified strength and conditioning specialist, TPI certified gold medical professional and elite active release techniques provider. He is also the owner and operator of Performance Place Sports Care, a sports injury rehab facility in Huntington Beach, CA.


I don’t like using pain as an outcome measure. Pain is the last thing to come, the first thing to go. I want my long-lasting legacy to be to leave people better than how I found them and I don’t think getting rid of pain enough for them to tear it up again is really a good idea at all.


Sebastian’s journey into chiropractics started when he got injured playing high school baseball. He went through rehab, saw numerous doctors and orthopedic surgeons and tried painkillers, but ultimately found that a combination of active release techniques (ART) and strength training helped him the most.


During our interview, we talk about the types of clients Sebastian works with at his practice, some of the most common injuries associated with high volume, high repetition workouts like boot camp and CrossFit, and what sorts of strategies you can implement on a daily basis to prevent injury. I learned a ton during this interview and I hope you do, too.


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In This Podcast We Also Discuss:


– The difference between ART and a traditional massage or chiropractic adjustment [[4:45]]


– The impetus for switching from architecture to chiropractic care [[11:04]]


– Why Sebastian prefers to work with the athletic-minded population [[14:35]]


– How Sebastian’s practice addresses the full spectrum of sports injury [[15:44]]


– Why expecting a quick fix for pain isn’t realistic [[17:42]]


– The most common injuries and imbalances people have and how to fix them [[19:28]]


– How Sebastian establishes accountability with his clients and why that’s so important [[27:15]]


– The most common issues Sebastian sees related to HIIT and CrossFit workouts [[32:13]]


– The idea of the pillar system and how it prevents injury [[37:23]]


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