Learning the Skills for Effective Eating with Josh Hillis

By: Ben Brown

If you’re interested in losing weight or you’ve tried diet after diet without success, then this podcast with Josh Hillis will give you the nutrition skills you need to get effective results.


Josh began in fitness as a personal trainer and kettlebell instructor, but over the years discovered that nutrition and eating habits are the real keys to getting clients the results they want.


The habits that most of America has actually makes people way hungrier than they need to be. All these skills are skills that will make you feel more full and satisfied so that you eat less calories.


Josh is the Chief People Officer for One By One Nutrition, c0-author of Fat Loss Happens on Mondayan item writer for NASM CPS and PES Exams, a food habits columnist for Strength Matters Magazine and a regular speaker at Strength Matters Summit and Elite Fitness Performance Summit.


In our amazing and enlightening discussion, we talk about the idea of skills-based nutrition and how it ties in with energy and weight loss. I learned so much in this interview and I’m positive you will, too.


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We Also Discuss


– The 5 core eating skills people need to implement to successfully lose weight [[7:13]]


– How to shift people’s mindset away from rule-based meal plans to a more flexible belief system [[11:43]]


– Josh’s pro tip for trainers and coaches to help their clients succeed [[15:30]]


– The most common emotions that sabotage weight-loss efforts and how to overcome them [[16:52]]


– How to create the right environment for weight-loss success [[24:10]]


– How relationships sway our behavior and the value of community [[28:43]]


– Why Josh believes you shouldn’t keep a food journal [[31:42]]


– The similarity between eating and playing a musical instrument [[36:16]]


– Whether the quantity or quality of the food is most important for weight loss [[41:49]]


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