Using the Overflow Effect to Create Positive Action and Change Lives with Nick Holt

By: Ben Brown

If you’ve been uncomfortable in your life, uncomfortable in your job or you feel like you need to make a change but you don’t know what to do, then I think this interview with Nick Holt, NASM-CPT, is going to resonate with you.


Nick is a personal trainer, nutritionist, surfer, and entrepreneur who’s passionate about educating and motivating others to live healthier, more joyous lives.


When you find something that you really enjoy doing and you’re doing it out of joy and getting in a flow state where you’re in the present moment, that just transfers so much more mental clairty and you literally have more energy. It’s using that to fuel your life versus to drain your life.

After six years in the corporate finance world, Nick decided to trade his regular 9-5 job and move to Costa Rica to pursue his passion for fitness and surfing. There, he created Nick Holt Fitness, a fitness and personal training business. He also founded Saltwater Fit, an online fitness and lifestyle brand where he uses principles of surfing, yoga, and strength training to get people fit.


We had a great conversation about following your dreams and the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone.


You’re not going to get stronger or bigger if you’re not a little uncomfortable. It’s when you’re comfortable in your training that you don’t really get results.



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We Also Discuss


– The impetus for Nick quitting his corporate job [[3:21]]


– Why working on the beach may not be all it’s cracked up to be [[7:18]]


– Why it’s important to put yourself in uncomfortable situations [[10:15]]


– How Nick’s vision of health has changed over time [[14:01]]


– The overflow effect and the importance of bringing joy into whatever you do [[17:59]]


– The biggest excuses people have for not prioritizing their health and fitness [[20:55]]


– What it’s like training tourists [[27:14]]


– Nick’s best advice for someone who’s miserable with his/her job or career [[36:15]]


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