The Science and Art of Strength with Stéphane Cazeault

By: Ben Brown

If you’re a personal trainer, working with a personal trainer or are doing any kind of resistance training, then you’re going to want to tune into to this podcast with renowned strength trainer Stéphane Cazeault.


Stéphane has spent the last 20+ years perfecting his work as a strength coach. During his career, he’s personally trained professional athletes in football, baseball, and hockey. Additionally, Stéphane is the founder of KILO Strength Society located in Huntington Beach, California, where he offers PRIMEIGHT Group Strength Training and one-on-one coaching to the general population.


At KILO Strength he also provides continuing education for strength coaches and personal trainers to further their knowledge of program design, periodization, hypertrophy, body composition and sports performance. Stéphane also recently published his first book 66 Strategies to Program Design.


Stéphane’s passion for program design is unmatched by anyone in the industry. In this podcast, we talk about the benefits of strength training as it pertains to fitness, fat loss, muscle gain and overall health and longevity, Stéphane’s unique approach to strength training and how he created a group strength training environment that appeals to the general population.

We Also Discuss


– How the He-Man action figure sparked his interest in strength training [[3:52]]


– Stéphane’s journey into training professional athletes [[6:35]]


– Why the younger generation is more interested in strength training than the baby boomers [[10:52]]


– Qualities of a good strength training program that everyone needs to know [[13:46]]


– Steps Stéphane takes to ensure that his clients don’t get injured [[19:35]]


– Common misconceptions about strength training [[23:40]]


– Physiological benefits of strength training that go beyond muscle growth [[25:36]]


–  How Stéphane’s struggle with weight ultimately influenced his success as a strength coach [[33:00]]


– The PRIMEIGHT system and what it stands for [[37:09]]


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