The #1 Solution to Experiencing AWESOME Health with Wade T. Lightheart

By: Ben Brown

If you are part of the 85% of the population suffering from some sort of digestive distress and want to experience AWESOME health, then this podcast with Wade Lightheart is perfect for you.


Few people have traveled farther or crusaded harder on behalf of helping individuals transform their digestive health, wellness and overall lives than Wade.


Wade is a 3-time all natural bodybuilding champion, nutrition expert, best-selling author, director of education at BiOptimizers Nutrition and the co-founder of its supplement company. Additionally, Wade hosts the AWESOME Health podcast where he helps others fix their digestion and transform their health.

Wade’s journey into digestive health began after he experienced health issues following his victory at the Mr. Universe competition. In his search for answers, he discovered the principles that now form his AWESOME Healthy system.


This was a fascinating interview that can truly benefit everyone. We talk about the importance of nutrition and supplementation on digestion, the role of digestion in our ability to gain muscle, lose fat and experience robust health and the role the digestive system plays in the absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

We Also Discuss


– 3 things that sparked Wade’s crusade towards AWESOME Health [[3:43]]


– The dark side of bodybuilding [[7:40]]


– Horrible mistakes Wade made following the Mr. Universe contest [[9:31]]


– How Wade managed to be a bodybuilder eating only a vegetarian diet [[11:30]]


– 3 most important components to optimize your digestive process [[24:28]]


– Why you should put your probiotic into a coconut to test its potency [[32:41]]


– The big secret about probiotics that nobody knows about [[36:11]]


– The underlying cause of the obesity epidemic [[39:29]]


– 7 principles of Wade’s AWESOME Health course [[50:34]]


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