High Performance Health for the Everyday Athlete with Brad Davidson

By: Ben Brown

If you experience chronic stress, have trouble sleeping and can’t seem to lose weight, then this podcast with Brad Davidson is an absolute MUST.


Brad is a performance coach, speaker, and author of The Stark Naked 21‑Day Metabolic Reset. Brad specializes in enhancing metabolism and optimizing performance in high-stress individuals, particularly professional athletes and C-suite executives.


“Stress is a big issue. Stress wrecks the metabolism and what I’ve noticed is these people have an overwhelming amount of stress. They just never shut down,” Brad explains.


I learned so much in this interview and I know you will, too. We go deep into how Brad helps high-performance individuals manage stress, appropriate nutrition protocols, his Eat, Sleep, Recover plan, and so much more.



We Also Discuss


– How Brad helped pro golfer Brendan Steele win the Safeway Open [6:32]


– How high-performers are different from the general population [9:42]


–  Why Brad recommends cutting out exercise during the 21-day metabolic reset [12:24]


– Brad’s new Eat, Sleep, Recover program [16:09]


– 4 areas where your metabolism might give you problems [19:43]


– The optimal amount of sleep you need to be the most productive [24:52]


– Brad’s philosophy on alcohol consumption and if you should still drink it [29:20]


– Why he recommends eating carbs at night [33:14]


– The most important factor for long-term success [45:41]


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