How to Reverse Gut Imbalances, Insomnia, Low Libido, Fat, and Fatigue Issues with Rich Jacobs

By: Ben Brown

Do you suffer from digestive problems, low libido, fat or fatigue issues? This podcast with Rich Jacobs will be immensely helpful for you.


Rich Jacobs is a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and former collegiate strength and conditioning coach.


In his mid-thirties, Rich suffered from G.I.L.F.F. (Gut, Insomnia, Low Libido, Fat, and Fatigue). Despite numerous doctor visits and unhelpful prescriptions, he quickly learned that modern medicine with pharmaceuticals couldn’t help him heal. That’s when he decided to “own his health” and turned to functional medicine.


Through functional diagnostic testing, Rich figured out the root cause of his problems, stage three adrenal dysfunction. With a combination of supplements, stress reduction techniques, diet, and exercise, Rich was able to heal from the inside out. Now, he’s helping bodybuilders and athletes do the same so that they can feel great, look amazing, and perform their best.


I think we really need to as a society work on the perception of stress.

In This Episode, We Discuss


– What it means to be a functional medicine practitioner [4:08]


– Why he prefers to work with bodybuilders and athletes [6:16]


– His own experience with GILFF issues and how he overcame them [7:17]


– How processed foods are sabotaging your health [15:21]


– How Rich is able to identify the root cause of health problems [16:50]


– The most common health problems that Rich sees [18:46]


– Rich’s 5 pillars of healing [19:49]


– Why women, in particular, should do strength training [24:59]


– The biggest nutrition mistakes you’re likely making [27:56]


– 3 basic phases of adrenal dysfunction and how to address them [32:37]


– Rich’s expert tips for reducing stress [36:22]


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