Leading from the Front: A Warrior’s Journey to Beating Type 2 Diabetes [Podcast Episode #107]

July 7, 2020byBen Brown

Today we bring on BSL Nutrition coaching client Gabriel Daley, to discuss the fitness and nutrition journey that led him from peak physical condition in the marines to a type 2 diabetic father of 6 struggling to perform the way he knew he could. Over the past 6 months Gabe has transformed his physique, overhauled his nutrition, overcome type-2 diabetes, and become the father, husband, and leader that he’s always knew he could be by investing in himself and his future.

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How to Chase Your Passion – A Man’s Search for Meaning with Justin Allen [Podcast Episode #106]

June 2, 2020byBen Brown

   ​ From college basketball standout to cancer survivor Professional athlete to depression and attempted suicide Successful sales career to vagabond ​ To finally…father, husband, entrepreneur, and purpose-driven leader… ​ Today we catch up with Justin Allen, a former college and professional basketball player who through several challenges and obstacles, including 2x cancer and severe depression survivor, has reinvented himself into an entrepreneur […]

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When Nutrition & Lifestyle Aren’t Enough – Considerations for Testosterone Optimization with Ali Gilbert [Podcast Episode #105]

May 26, 2020byBen Brown

   ​ ​ It’s a harsh reality that as a man, our testosterone levels likely never were and will never be what our grandparents and great grandparents experienced just 100 years ago. ​ Our world is changing, the stressors placed in, on and around our bodies are exponentially higher than they have ever been; from our air quality, water, and […]

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The Pro’s and Con’s of Cardiovascular Exercise for Health and Fat Loss with Exercise Physiologist Dan Dodd, PhD [Podcast Episode #104]

May 19, 2020byBen Brown

   ​ Is cardio good or bad? ​ Well, as with all things in life, the devil’s in the dose. This especially holds true when we talk about the pro’s and con’s of cardiovascular training, or if we were to be more specific; the type, frequency, duration, and intensity of the exercise will determine the individual’s response. ​ So what should […]

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How to Keep Our Families Healthy During the Covid-19 Pandemic with Dr. Elisa Song [Podcast Episode #103]

May 12, 2020byBen Brown

​    If you’ve been concerned about how to prepare yourself and your family for if — and likely when — Covid-19 hits your household, then you’re in the right place. ​ Today I bring back Dr. Elisa Song, pediatric holistic physician and mother to 2 kiddos that were recently diagnosed with Covid-19 – one of whom was hospitalized […]

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How to Get Lean & Strong – Eating Skills, Psychology, and Workouts with Josh Hillis [Podcast Episode #102]

May 5, 2020byBen Brown

​ If you’ve ever learned to play an instrument, then you’re well aware of how much time, practice, consistency, and effort are required to even become proficient, let alone develop any semblance of mastery. The practice of developing these instrumental skills can certainly be compared to the process of improving your eating skills, to the degree […]

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How to Find Your Rhythm in Business and in Life with Todd Lowder [Podcast Episode #101]

April 28, 2020byBen Brown

​ When you’ve worked directly with people for long enough, you become a master at adjusting on the fly, especially as a coach or personal trainer. A client showing up late, a sick kid at home, an injury or woe that throws a wrench in your daily game plan. But when you’re told to close the […]

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Optimal Performance Through the Synergy of Nature and Nutrition with Sanjeev Javia and PRōZE Nutrition [Podcast Episode #100]

April 14, 2020byBen Brown

CBD seems to be everywhere. ​ Pharmacies, gas stations, pet store gummies, over the counter supplements, and massage spa “infusions” through lotions, oils, and sprays. ​ Even professional and former pro athletes like Megan Rapinoe. Lamar Odom. Rob Gronkowski are endorsing the use of cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD. ​ CBD is one of over 100 different cannabinoids that occur naturally […]

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The Dirty Truth Behind Popular Skincare Products with Paige Crist [Podcast Episode #99]

March 31, 2020byBen Brown

 ​​​Did you know that what we put on our bodies is the same as what we put in our bodies? In other words, our skin, the largest organ system of the body, has the ability to absorb up to 60% of what we put on it. Everything from chlorine and fluoride in our water, to […]

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Chrononutrition: How the Science of Meal Timing, Macros, and Meal Frequency Impacts our Metabolism with Danny Lennon [Podcast Episode #98]

March 24, 2020byBen Brown

 ​​Much has been said about the importance of sleep, from adequate timing, duration and quality with respect to our hunger, energy, cravings, blood sugar regulation. ability to effectively burn body fat, maintain lean muscle mass, and even think clearly and prevent the onset of disease. And as you’re well aware, observing and aligning with our […]

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Assessing Biochemical Individuality and The Balance Protocol with Dr. Anthony G. Beck [Podcast Episode #96]

March 10, 2020byBen Brown

 ​​​You’ve heard me say it before and you’ll continue to hear me say: We’re all biochemically individual or as the old adage goes, one man’s food is another man’s poison. ​ When we turn to social media, IG influencers, mainstream news, and “biohackers” to provide us with cookie cutter health solutions, we’re taking a “ready, fire, aim” […]

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Living a Life of Purpose with Dai Manuel [Podcast Episode #95]

March 3, 2020byBen Brown

 ​​Are you living a life of purpose? ​ Are you happy with the trajectory of your life, or are you living someone else’s vision for what you’re supposed to be doing? ​ In this episode, I bring back Dai Manuel, super-dad, husband, coach, author, and fitness educator to share more about his journey towards creating the life of his […]

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An Alternative Way of Assessing Chronic Disease with Brendan Vermeire [Podcast Episode #94]

February 25, 2020byBen Brown

 ​​​In a world that is plagued by chronic disease, we’ve realized that we can’t medicate or cut our way out of a lifestyle and environmentally induced epidemic. Note that I said lifestyle induced. It is my opinion that much of what plagues us we have created within ourselves, be it physical, mental, and/or emotional, and […]

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Should Everyone Eat a Vegan Diet? – Pros and Cons | The Game Changers [Podcast Episode #93]

February 18, 2020byBen Brown

 ​​Of increasing popularity is the adoption of a vegetarian or “plant-based” diet due to health concerns as well as those wishing to take a higher level of responsibility for the environment and/or the treatment of animals. ​ In this episode, I want to discuss several things with you that are worth considering when making this kind of lifestyle […]

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What CrossFit™ Got Wrong About Training and Nutrition with Elliott Schackne [Podcast Episode #92]

February 11, 2020byBen Brown

 ​​If you asked me, I’d say that the exponential growth of CrossFit over the past 10 years has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s built communities that value health, it’s motivated women and men to lift weights and validated the benefits of lifting heavy weights, it’s created a fun level of competition within the group training sphere […]

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How Alcohol Affects Weight Loss [Podcast Episode #91]

February 4, 2020byBen Brown

 ​​ We’ve all heard that alcohol intake can negatively impact our fat loss and muscle building goals, but is that really true? Today, we’ll dissect some of the commonly held beliefs and misconceptions about alcohol intake, including: ​ – Do alcohol calories count and is alcohol more fattening than other calories? ​ – What happens in our body when we […]

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The Impact of Meal Frequency and Timing on Weight Loss and Human Health with Krista Varady, PhD [Podcast Episode #90]

January 28, 2020byBen Brown

 ​​ By now you’ve probably heard all about the benefits of intermittent fasting. From weight loss to longevity to autophagy to improved performance. But which of these claims are supported by the scientific evidence and which ones have been incorrectly propagated despite well-intentioned bloggers, biohackers, health practitioners, your next-door neighbor who swears by the skipping breakfast, […]

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The Blocks of Health with Dr. Saman Rezaie – [Podcast Episode #88]

December 10, 2019byBen Brown

 ​​ ​ Struggling to find a solution to your health issues? ​ With the rising popularity in naturopathic medicine, it can be easy to think that where conventional medicine may have failed you, alternative medicine could provide the panacea. ​ But as one naturopathic doctor has seen first-hand, the path to true health lies not in the type of treatment, rather […]

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Embracing the Consciousness of Health with Dr. Jason Kolber – [Podcast Episode #87]

December 3, 2019byBen Brown

 ​​ Do you remember a time in your life when you were so excited or nervous or scared that you could literally feel it in your body? Maybe you had “butterflies in your stomach” before a first date or your heart was racing, or you felt nauseous and lightheaded. ​ What about when you had a deadline or […]

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How Emily Lost 70 lbs in 8 Months Without Eating Vegetables – [Client Spotlight – Podcast Episode #86]

November 26, 2019byBen Brown

​ ​ What if I told you that you could lose weight while still drinking beer and eating chicken tenders and without having to eat your vegetables? You’d probably tell me I was full of it… and rightfully so. Except that today I’m interviewing my amazing client, Emily, a busy attorney who has lost over 70 lbs. […]

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How to Manage Calories without Tracking – with Ben Brown [Podcast Episode #85]

November 19, 2019byBen Brown

​ Is tracking your “macros” even necessary? ​ If you’re anything like me, then you absolutely abhor tracking your calories. I mean I can’t stand it. It’s time consuming, highly inaccurate, and to be honest with you, can quickly push me to the edge of developing an unhealthily relationship with my food. I know now, that it’s not […]

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The Flexible Dieting Disaster with Justin Janoska [Podcast Episode #84]

November 12, 2019byBen Brown

 ​​ Today we’re joined by my friend Justin Janoska to take a deep dive into many of the problems with the fitness industry and the obsession around calorie counting, tracking macros, flexible dieting, and the surface level behaviors that can often be rooted in deep-seeded pain, shame, regret, and lack of self love and acceptance. This […]

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The Evolution of Human Nutrition with Dr. Bill Schindler [Podcast Episode #83]

November 5, 2019byBen Brown

​ (Musical lyrics) – Flintstones, meet the Flintstones They’re the modern stone-age family From the town of Bedrock They’re a page right out of history… ​ Meet modern-day Fred Flintstone, Dr. Bill Schindler, a trained archaeologist and primitive technologist who travels the world documenting traditional foodways and works to draw inspiration from the deep archaeological record, rich ethnographic record, and modern […]

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How to Fix Your Gut with John Brisson [Podcast Episode #82]

October 29, 2019byBen Brown

​ To you or me, it could be classified as indigestion, bloating, or gas… but to my 4 yr old son, it’s simply a tummy ache. Often overlooked and seen as yet another inconsequential symptom of eating or drinking too much of the wrong things, at the wrong times, or maybe another stomach bug trying to […]

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Using Biometrics for Tracking Nutrition & Training Progress with Coach Ryan Faehnle [Podcast Episode #81]

October 1, 2019byBen Brown

​ ​ With the myriad of nutrition and training philosophies out there to choose from, social media influencers, and Dr. Google, it’s no wonder that we’re no closer to having an answer to how to effectively lose weight, and keep it off. ​ Frankly, I’m just not sure we ever will… ​ Because there’s always the need to dive deeper into […]

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Nutritional Periodization and the Fat Loss Fallacy with Sam Miller [Podcast Episode #80]

September 24, 2019byBen Brown

​ ​ I’m pleased to welcome on the show Sam Miller from sammillerscience.com. Sam is a super-smart guy that has a unique ability to translate complex concepts into relatable and easy to understand frameworks for the coaches and individuals that he mentors. ​ Today we’re talking about the fat loss fallacy that creating a calorie deficit is all that […]

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How to Become a Next Level Human with Dr. Jade Teta [Podcast Episode #79]

July 23, 2019byBen Brown

​ There are 3 factors more important to your success in life than anything else; more important than IQ, social or emotional intelligence… ​ They are… ​ The belief you have in yourself, the belief others have in you, and the ability to turn stress, hurt, tragedy and pain into fuel for growth. All three of these factors are enhanced […]

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Understanding Autoimmune Disease from a Nutritional Perspective with Dr. Bob Rakowski [Podcast Episode #78]

July 16, 2019byBen Brown

​ Are we being attacked from the inside out? ​ There are more than 80 diseases that occur as a result of the immune system attacking the body’s own organs, tissues, and cells. Some of the more common autoimmune diseases include type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and inflammatory bowel disease, to name a few. ​ It’s estimated […]

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The Wild Diet, Fasting, Fat Loss, and Food Propaganda with The Fat Burning Man, Abel James [Podcast Episode #77]

July 10, 2019byBen Brown

​ Today on the show we’re talking about The Wild Diet with the Fat-Burning Man, Abel James. Abel James is a New York Times bestselling author. He’s a musician and virtual reality producer and host of the hit podcast, Fat-Burning Man. His new book of irreverent poetry is called Designer Babies Still Get Scabies and that […]

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How to Change your Metabolic Setpoint for Lasting Weight Loss with Jonathan Bailor [Podcast Episode #76]

June 18, 2019byBen Brown

​ Do you remember the show: The Biggest Loser? ​ It was a TV show where a number of obese contestants were jettisoned to “fat camp” for 30 weeks to compete to see who could lose the most weight (by over exercising and starving themselves), with the biggest transformation hailing as “The Biggest Loser”. ​ I’ll be honest, it did […]

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Finding your Purpose with Taylor Robbins [Podcast Episode #75]

June 4, 2019byBen Brown

 Today we talk with by buddy Taylor Robbins about how he found his purpose as a man, as a father, as a husband, by identifying with his spirituality and how that really helped him create more balance in his life, less stress, and more stability – mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. Taylor RobbinsStrength & Nutrition […]

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Mastering the Mindset for Personal & Professional Growth with Doreen Korba [Podcast Episode #74]

May 28, 2019byBen Brown

We have more information at our finger tips than ever before in human history…Yet we find ourselves more confused, sicker, fatter, and more depressed than any generation before.Why is this?Because there’s simply too much noise.Too much distraction.Not enough action. In order to live a happy life, to be “successful”, do we really need to KNOW more?I […]

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Plant Compounds, Nutritional Coaching, and Eating on the Road with Brianna Diorio [Podcast Episode #73)

May 7, 2019byBen Brown

​In this episode we discuss herbal supplements and why and How to choose quality products, including what to look for on the labels as well as some of the shady and unethical practices currently being employed in the industry.Additionally, we chat about our clinical nutrition degrees and the transition from student clinician to a real-world […]

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Erections, Testosterone, Estrogen, and Peptides with Dr. Michael Moeller [Podcast Episode #72]

April 30, 2019byadmin

 If you’re a man and you’re not waking up with an erection every morning, then there’s something wrong.This “morning glory” is indeed a natural and vital sign of good health – and the absence of suggests that your testosterone levels could be low.But that’s not the only sign of “Low T”…Low energymalaisepoor concentrationdecreased muscle massincreased […]

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Principles and Application of Nutrition & Training Strategies with James Tognarini [Podcast Episode #71]

April 23, 2019byBen Brown

​ “LEARNING IS NOT ATTAINED BY CHANCE, IT MUST BE SOUGHT FOR WITH ARDOR AND ATTENDED TO WITH DILIGENCE.” ―ABIGAIL ADAMSIn the informationally complex world of nutrition and fitness what separates the elite health professionals of the world from the rest?Well, I’ll tell you…It’s 3 things:They never stop learning and continually make it a priority to […]

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Protein Intake, Cancer, Plant-Based Eating, and Intermittent Fasting with Matt Terry [Podcast Episode #70]

April 16, 2019byBen Brown

​What if you were told you only had months to live?What would you start doing differently?Who would you spend time with?How would your priorities shift?These are some of the tough questions that Matt Terry was asking himself as he lay in a hospital bed after a somewhat routine appendectomy turned into a cancer scare.This former […]

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Why Weight Loss is About More Than Just Calories In vs. Calories Out with Brad Dieter, PhD. [Podcast Episode #69]

April 9, 2019byBen Brown

If you’re interested in learning how to lose weight in the most effective and sustainable way possible, then you’re going to enjoy this interview with Brad Dieter, Ph.D.In our first podcast interview: www.bslnutrition.com/episode50, we talk a lot about physical activity for weight loss, nutrition for weight loss, total caloric intake, metabolism, set point theory, intermittent […]

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Metabolic Flexibility, The Best Way to Regulate Fat Loss & Choosing the Right Dieting Strategy with Benjamin Brown [Podcast Episode #68]

April 2, 2019byBen Brown

​So many people are jumping on the low calorie bandwagon, without knowing that they are sabotaging their metabolism and general health.What factor causes a huge amount of diet failure?What is metabolic flexibility, and why is it what we should be implementing into our health and nutrition?Why is jumping into an aggressive diet and exercise program […]

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How to Build Out your Perfect Plate – Nutrition Strategy 101 [Podcast Solo Episode with Host Ben Brown]

March 28, 2019byBen Brown

Let’s face it, trying to figure what, when, and how to eat is a full-time job.Go ahead and do a simple Google search for “weight loss” and strap yourself in for a mind-numbing and overwhelming amount of confusing and contradictory information, including diets and “protocols” ranging from: Paleo, Ketogenic, Plant-based, Mediterranean, low-fat, high-fat, Carnivore, intermittent […]

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How to Jumpstart, Retrain, and Maintain your Metabolism with Dr. Emmett Blahnik [Podcast Episode #67]

March 26, 2019byBen Brown

What if I told you that it’s not the food that you’re eating that’s making you fat?!Rather, it’s how your body is utilizing that food by virtue of our metabolic processes that burns it as fuel and/or stores it as fat…And our current health, our environment, and our food quality are the major determinants in […]

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Metabolic Flexibility & Flexibile Dieting for Health & Performance with Dr. Mike T. Nelson [Podcast Episode #66]

March 21, 2019byadmin

Our metabolism controls our body’s ability to utilize food for fuel.As our energy demands change – from sedentary to high intensity exercises – our bodies preferential fuel sources shift, from fat to carbohydrates.In today’s show, Dr. Mike T. Nelson discusses the inherent flexibility required to effectively utilize both fat and carbohydrates in both healthy and […]

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The Impact of Sleep on Health, Body Composition, and Brain Function with Dr. Court Vreeland [Podcast Episode #65]

March 12, 2019byBen Brown

There’s not a physiological disorder or disease that isn’t impacted by a lack of sleep.In fact, for me, as a coach, if there was only one thing that I could help clients with that would significantly contribute to improving their health, improving body composition, emotional stability, cognitive function, increase longevity, etc…. it would be figuring […]

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Nutrition Strategies for High Performers to Fuel their Day for Success with Nate Palmer [Podcast Episode #64]

March 5, 2019byBen Brown

​There’s a common denominator when it comes to why so many of us struggle to be consistent with our nutrition – especially hard charging entrepreneurs…of course, it’s finding the TIME to “eat right”.Despite the fact that this, in itself is a massive limiting belief, it goes without saying that the easier we can make things […]

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Optimal Protein Intake & Muscle-Centric Medicine for Health & Longevity with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon [Podcast Episode #63]

February 26, 2019byBen Brown

In this episode we’ll cover all things protein as far as protein intake on muscle health and longevity. We’ll discuss the relationship between muscle mass and brain health, blood sugar regulation, as well as the benefit of having relatively large amounts of lean muscle tissue. Lastly, we’ll discuss how much protein should be consumed, what […]

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Stress Hormones, Survival, Fasting, and Fat Loss with Dr. Carrie Jones [Podcast Episode #62]

February 19, 2019byBen Brown

Your body is pretty smart…and has evolved over millennia to survive harsh conditions through feast, famine, and disease.We were built to procreate.Despite the fact that we all want to look good naked, we can’t outsmart the bodies inherent drive to simply survive.So much so, that when our brain perceives stress, the last thing it wants […]

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Should You Be Counting Calories To Lose Weight? – TJ Jankowski [Podcast Episode #61]

February 12, 2019byBen Brown

There’s power in simplicity.It’s obvious that I believe that, hence the name of the show – The Smart Nutrition Made Simple Show…But sometimes the complexity of the topics we speak about lead us to believe that things are more difficult than they seem, i.e. hormones, gut health, functional medicine, supplementation, nutrient timing, intermittent fasting…I suppose […]

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The Role of Genetic Testing in Optimizing Hormonal Health with Dr. Tracy Gapin [Podcast Episode #60]

February 5, 2019byBen Brown

What are epigenetics and why is it important to do genetic testing to optimize our health?That’s what we discuss today on the show with Dr. Tracy Gapin.According to Dr. Gapin, “Epigenetics is the science of lifestyle. We know that what you eat, how you sleep, how you deal with stress, how you move, all these […]

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What Quitting Alcohol Could Do For You with James Swanwick [Podcast Episode #59]

January 30, 2019byBen Brown

​Just Do It!…Just Do it NOW.Powerful words to live by from today’s guest, James Swanwick, that have helped him and thousands of others positively impact their health, wealth, relationships, productivity, and so much more.James Swanwick is an Australian-American investor, entrepreneur, speaker, former SportsCenter anchor on ESPN, host of The James Swanwick Show podcast and the […]

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Testosterone Optimization & The Role of DNA Testing in Health & Longevity with Jay Campbell [Podcast Episode #58]

January 22, 2019byBen Brown

​You’ve been told your testosterone levels are “normal” but are you’re still feeling like crap.Did you know that conventional norms for testosterone were recently lowered? And just because your levels are normal doesn’t mean their “optimal”?Meet Jay Campbell, author of the Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible, who suggests that testosterone optimization is necessary to live like […]

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How to be DadStrong with David McMenomey [Podcast Episode #57]

January 17, 2019byadmin

Being a man today ain’t easy…The pressure of living up to societal expectations can be intense: Being a provider, a present and engaged father, a supportive and emotionally available husband, a strong leader and community member…it seems like a lot.David McMenomey, founder of BeDadStrong.com, has found that creating a community based on competition and optimistic […]

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