How to Become a Next Level Human with Dr. Jade Teta [Podcast Episode #79]

July 23, 2019byBen Brown

​There are 3 factors more important to your success in life than anything else; more important than IQ, social or emotional intelligence…​They are…​The belief you have in yourself, the belief others have in you, and the ability to turn stress, hurt, tragedy and pain into fuel for growth. All three of these factors are enhanced […]

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Understanding Autoimmune Disease from a Nutritional Perspective with Dr. Bob Rakowski [Podcast Episode #78]

July 16, 2019byBen Brown

​Are we being attacked from the inside out?​There are more than 80 diseases that occur as a result of the immune system attacking the body’s own organs, tissues, and cells. Some of the more common autoimmune diseases include type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and inflammatory bowel disease, to name a few.​It’s estimated […]

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The Wild Diet, Fasting, Fat Loss, and Food Propaganda with The Fat Burning Man, Abel James [Podcast Episode #77]

July 10, 2019byBen Brown

​Today on the show we’re talking about The Wild Diet with the Fat-Burning Man, Abel James. Abel James is a New York Times bestselling author. He’s a musician and virtual reality producer and host of the hit podcast, Fat-Burning Man. His new book of irreverent poetry is called Designer Babies Still Get Scabies and that […]

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How to Change your Metabolic Setpoint for Lasting Weight Loss with Jonathan Bailor [Podcast Episode #76]

June 18, 2019byBen Brown

​Do you remember the show: The Biggest Loser?​It was a TV show where a number of obese contestants were jettisoned to “fat camp” for 30 weeks to compete to see who could lose the most weight (by over exercising and starving themselves), with the biggest transformation hailing as “The Biggest Loser”.​I’ll be honest, it did […]

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Finding your Purpose with Taylor Robbins [Podcast Episode #75]

June 4, 2019byBen Brown

Today we talk with by buddy Taylor Robbins about how he found his purpose as a man, as a father, as a husband, by identifying with his spirituality and how that really helped him create more balance in his life, less stress, and more stability – mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. Taylor RobbinsStrength & Nutrition […]

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Mastering the Mindset for Personal & Professional Growth with Doreen Korba [Podcast Episode #74]

May 28, 2019byBen Brown

We have more information at our finger tips than ever before in human history…Yet we find ourselves more confused, sicker, fatter, and more depressed than any generation before.Why is this?Because there’s simply too much noise.Too much distraction.Not enough action.In order to live a happy life, to be “successful”, do we really need to KNOW more?I […]

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Plant Compounds, Nutritional Coaching, and Eating on the Road with Brianna Diorio [Podcast Episode #73)

May 7, 2019byBen Brown

​In this episode we discuss herbal supplements and why and How to choose quality products, including what to look for on the labels as well as some of the shady and unethical practices currently being employed in the industry.Additionally, we chat about our clinical nutrition degrees and the transition from student clinician to a real-world […]

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Erections, Testosterone, Estrogen, and Peptides with Dr. Michael Moeller [Podcast Episode #72]

April 30, 2019byadmin

If you’re a man and you’re not waking up with an erection every morning, then there’s something wrong.This “morning glory” is indeed a natural and vital sign of good health – and the absence of suggests that your testosterone levels could be low.But that’s not the only sign of “Low T”…Low energymalaisepoor concentrationdecreased muscle massincreased […]

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Principles and Application of Nutrition & Training Strategies with James Tognarini [Podcast Episode #71]

April 23, 2019byBen Brown

​“LEARNING IS NOT ATTAINED BY CHANCE, IT MUST BE SOUGHT FOR WITH ARDOR AND ATTENDED TO WITH DILIGENCE.” ―ABIGAIL ADAMSIn the informationally complex world of nutrition and fitness what separates the elite health professionals of the world from the rest?Well, I’ll tell you…It’s 3 things:They never stop learning and continually make it a priority to […]

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Protein Intake, Cancer, Plant-Based Eating, and Intermittent Fasting with Matt Terry [Podcast Episode #70]

April 16, 2019byBen Brown

​What if you were told you only had months to live?What would you start doing differently?Who would you spend time with?How would your priorities shift?These are some of the tough questions that Matt Terry was asking himself as he lay in a hospital bed after a somewhat routine appendectomy turned into a cancer scare.This former […]

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Why Weight Loss is About More Than Just Calories In vs. Calories Out with Brad Dieter, PhD. [Podcast Episode #69]

April 9, 2019byBen Brown

If you’re interested in learning how to lose weight in the most effective and sustainable way possible, then you’re going to enjoy this interview with Brad Dieter, Ph.D.In our first podcast interview: www.bslnutrition.com/episode50, we talk a lot about physical activity for weight loss, nutrition for weight loss, total caloric intake, metabolism, set point theory, intermittent […]

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Metabolic Flexibility, The Best Way to Regulate Fat Loss & Choosing the Right Dieting Strategy with Benjamin Brown [Podcast Episode #68]

April 2, 2019byBen Brown

​So many people are jumping on the low calorie bandwagon, without knowing that they are sabotaging their metabolism and general health.What factor causes a huge amount of diet failure?What is metabolic flexibility, and why is it what we should be implementing into our health and nutrition?Why is jumping into an aggressive diet and exercise program […]

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How to Build Out your Perfect Plate – Nutrition Strategy 101 [Podcast Solo Episode with Host Ben Brown]

March 28, 2019byBen Brown

Let’s face it, trying to figure what, when, and how to eat is a full-time job.Go ahead and do a simple Google search for “weight loss” and strap yourself in for a mind-numbing and overwhelming amount of confusing and contradictory information, including diets and “protocols” ranging from: Paleo, Ketogenic, Plant-based, Mediterranean, low-fat, high-fat, Carnivore, intermittent […]

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How to Jumpstart, Retrain, and Maintain your Metabolism with Dr. Emmett Blahnik [Podcast Episode #67]

March 26, 2019byBen Brown

What if I told you that it’s not the food that you’re eating that’s making you fat?!Rather, it’s how your body is utilizing that food by virtue of our metabolic processes that burns it as fuel and/or stores it as fat…And our current health, our environment, and our food quality are the major determinants in […]

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Metabolic Flexibility & Flexibile Dieting for Health & Performance with Dr. Mike T. Nelson [Podcast Episode #66]

March 21, 2019byadmin

Our metabolism controls our body’s ability to utilize food for fuel.As our energy demands change – from sedentary to high intensity exercises – our bodies preferential fuel sources shift, from fat to carbohydrates.In today’s show, Dr. Mike T. Nelson discusses the inherent flexibility required to effectively utilize both fat and carbohydrates in both healthy and […]

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The Impact of Sleep on Health, Body Composition, and Brain Function with Dr. Court Vreeland [Podcast Episode #65]

March 12, 2019byBen Brown

There’s not a physiological disorder or disease that isn’t impacted by a lack of sleep.In fact, for me, as a coach, if there was only one thing that I could help clients with that would significantly contribute to improving their health, improving body composition, emotional stability, cognitive function, increase longevity, etc…. it would be figuring […]

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Nutrition Strategies for High Performers to Fuel their Day for Success with Nate Palmer [Podcast Episode #64]

March 5, 2019byBen Brown

​There’s a common denominator when it comes to why so many of us struggle to be consistent with our nutrition – especially hard charging entrepreneurs…of course, it’s finding the TIME to “eat right”.Despite the fact that this, in itself is a massive limiting belief, it goes without saying that the easier we can make things […]

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Optimal Protein Intake & Muscle-Centric Medicine for Health & Longevity with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon [Podcast Episode #63]

February 26, 2019byBen Brown

In this episode we’ll cover all things protein as far as protein intake on muscle health and longevity. We’ll discuss the relationship between muscle mass and brain health, blood sugar regulation, as well as the benefit of having relatively large amounts of lean muscle tissue. Lastly, we’ll discuss how much protein should be consumed, what […]

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Stress Hormones, Survival, Fasting, and Fat Loss with Dr. Carrie Jones [Podcast Episode #62]

February 19, 2019byBen Brown

Your body is pretty smart…and has evolved over millennia to survive harsh conditions through feast, famine, and disease.We were built to procreate.Despite the fact that we all want to look good naked, we can’t outsmart the bodies inherent drive to simply survive.So much so, that when our brain perceives stress, the last thing it wants […]

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Should You Be Counting Calories To Lose Weight? – TJ Jankowski [Podcast Episode #61]

February 12, 2019byBen Brown

There’s power in simplicity.It’s obvious that I believe that, hence the name of the show – The Smart Nutrition Made Simple Show…But sometimes the complexity of the topics we speak about lead us to believe that things are more difficult than they seem, i.e. hormones, gut health, functional medicine, supplementation, nutrient timing, intermittent fasting…I suppose […]

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The Role of Genetic Testing in Optimizing Hormonal Health with Dr. Tracy Gapin [Podcast Episode #60]

February 5, 2019byBen Brown

What are epigenetics and why is it important to do genetic testing to optimize our health?That’s what we discuss today on the show with Dr. Tracy Gapin.According to Dr. Gapin, “Epigenetics is the science of lifestyle. We know that what you eat, how you sleep, how you deal with stress, how you move, all these […]

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What Quitting Alcohol Could Do For You with James Swanwick [Podcast Episode #59]

January 30, 2019byBen Brown

​Just Do It!…Just Do it NOW.Powerful words to live by from today’s guest, James Swanwick, that have helped him and thousands of others positively impact their health, wealth, relationships, productivity, and so much more.James Swanwick is an Australian-American investor, entrepreneur, speaker, former SportsCenter anchor on ESPN, host of The James Swanwick Show podcast and the […]

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Testosterone Optimization & The Role of DNA Testing in Health & Longevity with Jay Campbell [Podcast Episode #58]

January 22, 2019byBen Brown

​You’ve been told your testosterone levels are “normal” but are you’re still feeling like crap.Did you know that conventional norms for testosterone were recently lowered? And just because your levels are normal doesn’t mean their “optimal”?Meet Jay Campbell, author of the Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible, who suggests that testosterone optimization is necessary to live like […]

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How to be DadStrong with David McMenomey [Podcast Episode #57]

January 17, 2019byadmin

Being a man today ain’t easy…The pressure of living up to societal expectations can be intense: Being a provider, a present and engaged father, a supportive and emotionally available husband, a strong leader and community member…it seems like a lot.David McMenomey, founder of BeDadStrong.com, has found that creating a community based on competition and optimistic […]

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10 Things I Learned from Charles Poliquin – Ben Brown

January 15, 2019byadmin

10 Things I Learned from Charles Poliquin aka The Strength Sensei [Solo Podcast Episode]   Having had the pleasure to learn from and get to know Charles Poliquin over the last 12 years has been instrumental in helping define who I am today. Its taken me a while to process his recent passing and the idea for this […]

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Medicinal Mushrooms, Cold Therapy and Beyond: A Look into a Biohackers Paradise with Blake Bowman

January 8, 2019byBen Brown

Medicinal Mushrooms, Cold Therapy and Beyond: A Look into a BioHackers Paradise with Blake Bowman [Podcast Episode #56]   What the heck is BioHacking?   Blake Bowman, of GuerillaZen.com explains that despite the fact that even though he identifies with the term “biohacking”, or is seen as a “biohacker”, what he really practices is health-optimization.    […]

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The Fundamentals of Nutrition with Brian St. Pierre

January 7, 2019byBen Brown

The Fundamentals of Nutrition [Podcast Episode #55].   In this episode with Brian St. Pierre, we break down the key fundamentals of nutrition that anyone looking to improve their health and physique would benefit from, specifically those of us with families and “busy” lifestyles.   You can think of these fundamentals as essentially the best practices of […]

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Male Reproductive Health & Sexual Dysfunction in the 21st Century with Dr. Ralph Esposito

December 27, 2018byBen Brown

Male Reproductive Health & Sexual Dysfunction in the 21st Century [Podcast Episode #54].   In this enlightening interview with Dr. Ralph Esposito, we start off our discussion by talking about the differences between normal testosterone and optimal testosterone ranges as seen in conventional blood labs as well as WHY just looking at normal levels can be […]

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Are You Suffering from Vitamin A Toxicity? – Dr. Garrett Smith

December 18, 2018byBen Brown

Are You Suffering From Vitamin A Toxicity? – Dr. Garrett Smith [Podcast Episode #53]. What is everything we thought we knew about nutrition was wrong?   Through a combination of years of hair tissue mineral analysis coupled with a insatiable desire to uncover the truth about clinical nutrition, Dr. Garrett Smith has dug up some pretty […]

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Combining the Science and Art of Habit-Based Nutrition Change

December 11, 2018byBen Brown

Combining the Science and Art of Habit-Based Nutrition Change [Podcast Episode #52].   Let’s face it, weight loss is hard.   Actually, let me reframe that: long-term weight loss is hard.   The science is very clear that simply creating a caloric deficit is the main needle driver when it comes to weight loss. But […]

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Kids Cook Real Food with Katie Kimball

December 4, 2018byadmin

How Do I Help My Kids Make Healthy Food Choices? [Podcast Episode #51] Have you found yourself struggling to eat healthy without going crazy?   If so, you’re definitely not alone.   Today’s guest, Katie Kimball, creator of Kids Cook Real Food program, joins us to discuss how to empower our kids (and ourselves) to […]

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Eat to Perform with Brad Dieter, PhD

May 31, 2018byBen Brown

If you’re interested in learning how to lose weight in the most effective and sustainable way possible, then definitely check out my podcast with Brad Dieter, Ph.D.   Brad is a trained exercise physiologist, molecular biologist, and biostatistician. He received his B.A. from Washington State University and a Masters of Science in biomechanics and Ph.D. […]

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Naked Sunbathing, Red Meat, and Ancestral Eating with Dr. Jack Wolfson

May 24, 2018byBen Brown

If you’ve struggled with cardiovascular problems or generally want to learn how to live a heart-healthy lifestyle, then check out my interview with Jack Wolfson, DO.   Dr. Wolfson is a board-certified holistic cardiologist who was sick and tired of seeing a revolving door of patients failing to get well from conventional pills and procedures. As […]

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Fitness, Nutrition, & Lifestyle Hacks for the Busy Dad with Brent Myers, DC

May 17, 2018byBen Brown

From joint health to better sleep and nutrition, you can actually hack your way to optimal health. Find out how by checking out my podcast with Dr. Brent Myers.   Brent is a chiropractic sports physician and owner of Myers Chiropractic and Functional Health in Asheville, North Carolina. In his practice, Brent combines chiropractic care, manual therapy […]

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How to Triage Your Nutrition with Shawna Curry

May 10, 2018byBen Brown

Are you struggling with weight gain, digestive issues, food sensitivities, or sleep problems? Find out how you can reclaim your health by checking out my podcast with Shawna Curry.   I’m not just trying to keep you alive. I’m trying to help you live this vibrant, richer life where you can do what you want […]

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How to Periodize Your Nutrition for Performance and Weight Loss with Jason Phillips

May 3, 2018byBen Brown

There is so much conflicting information regarding dieting. On the one hand, you’ve got diets touting the benefits of extreme restriction. On the other hand, you’ve got diets touting the benefits of no restriction, but an emphasis on calories and macros.   The fact is, so much of our diet culture is centered on fear-mongering. And that can ultimately […]

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Why Weight Loss Requires More Than Just Going Gluten-Free With Jennifer Fugo

April 26, 2018byBen Brown

If you’re experiencing bloating, digestive discomfort, brain fog and/or fatigue, then definitely check out my podcast with”Gluten Free Guru” Jennifer Fugo, MS, CHC.   Jennifer is a clinical nutritionist, wellness coach, yoga instructor, and the founder of Gluten Free School, a community where gluten-sensitive women discover simple, savvy, and empowering steps to get healthy.   […]

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The End of Dieting with Amy Pamensky

April 19, 2018byBen Brown

When it comes to losing weight, improving energy, or simply getting healthier, restrictive diets aren’t necessarily the best option. In fact, according to Amy Pamensky, they can often lead to feelings of defeat, frustration, and disappointment.   Amy is known as the Spiritual Nutrition. She helps women who are tired of dieting get out of […]

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Lean, Strong, Healthy, and Plant-Based with Karina Inkster

April 12, 2018byBen Brown

When you think of Olympic weightlifters, NBA players, or NFL players, you probably don’t immediately assume that they eat a vegan diet. But more and more athletes are trading in steak for tofu and tempeh. If you’re curious why or are interested in becoming vegan, then definitely check out my podcast with Karina Inkster.   A […]

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Learning to Eat Beyond Macros with Matt Walrath

April 5, 2018byBen Brown

You don’t have to go on a restrictive diet in order to get leaner, stronger or perform better. According to Matt Walrath, the real key to sustainable nutrition and faster results revolves around manipulating macros (protein, carbs, and fat).   We use macro-counting as our guide for figuring out what habits you need to shift.   Matt […]

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Training = Rehab with Charlie Weingroff, DPT

March 29, 2018byBen Brown

When trying to get healthy, often times movement or physical activity is the lowest barrier to entry and where most people find comfort getting started. However, beginning a training program is still a challenge. What should you be focusing on? What exercises are best for you? How can you prevent injury? You’ll get those answers […]

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The Healing Powers of Cannabis with Bryan Hardy

March 22, 2018byBen Brown

If you’ve ever been curious about the benefits of medical marijuana or Cannabidiol (CBD) and what it can do for you, check out my podcast with Bryan Hardy.   Bryan is a holistic nutritionist and wellness coach who specializes in helping busy professions revitalize their gut and hormones in order to help combat anxiety and depression, […]

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Fitness for Food Lovers with Ben Johnson

March 15, 2018byBen Brown

Fitness and delicious food don’t need to be mutually exclusive. If you’re curious about how you can lose weight, build muscle or get healthier while still enjoying satisfying, yummy food, then definitely check out my podcast with self-proclaimed food lover Ben Johnson.   Ben is a writer, fitness coach, entrepreneur and founder of BenTrained.com. As a […]

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The Path to Nutritional Enlightenment with Krista Scott-Dixon

March 8, 2018byBen Brown

The power of doing the work and loving yourself is far more important for weight loss and body change than the foods we put in our mouths, according to Krista Scott-Dixon, Ph.D. From weight-loss tips to advice for boosting your health and happiness, this podcast with Krista is an absolute MUST.   I think the most […]

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Forge Your Way to Fat Loss with Jim Brown

March 1, 2018byBen Brown

If you’re interested in learning how to build and maintain muscle while simultaneously losing fat, then definitely check out my podcast with Jim Brown.   Jim is an elite athlete and former bodybuilder who’s been in the industry for more than 20 years. Over the course of his career, Jim has developed an expertise in every […]

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The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto with Dai Manuel

February 22, 2018byBen Brown

Are you living a life of purpose? It’s a difficult question to answer, and one that takes a significant amount of introspection. If your answer isn’t a resounding yes or if you’re interested in discovering the secrets to lifelong happiness and well-being, then definitely check out my podcast with Dai Manuel.   Dai is a certified […]

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The Youth Method: Defy Aging and Reclaim Your Health with Erin Nielsen

February 15, 2018byBen Brown

Are you experiencing joint pain, weight gain and/or lack of energy as you’re getting older? Find out how to become a healthier, fitter, younger you by checking out my podcast with Erin Nielsen.   Erin is a licensed physical therapist, certified health coach and Pilates instructor who’s made it her mission to find the fountain of […]

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How to Become a Warrior Dad with Curtis Jackson

February 8, 2018byBen Brown

Being a dad is tough. There’s the pressure of needing to provide for your family while at the same time providing for yourself. If you’re interested in learning how to become a better husband, father, mentor, business owner or really just a productive member of society, definitely check out my podcast with Curtis Jackson.   Curtis is […]

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The Cabral Concept with Dr. Stephen Cabral

February 1, 2018byBen Brown

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with or are suffering from a chronic illness, this podcast with Dr. Stephen Cabral can help give you the tools to take back your health and possibly even get you off of your medications.   If you’re on cholesterol medication, if you’re on blood pressure medication, if you have Hashimoto’s, […]

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The 5 M’s of Manhood with Vince Del Monte

January 25, 2018byBen Brown

Whether you’re looking to find more balance in your life, improve your health and fitness or grow your own business, this podcast with Vince Del Monte will give you simple steps you can take to accomplish your goals. Vince is a fitness guru who has dedicated his life to transforming the lives of skinny, scrawny, wimpy men […]

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