175_How to Navigate Testosterone Replacement for Men’s Health with Ali Gilbert

by | Jan 10, 2023

I’m excited to share today’s interview with you. In an unprecedented threepeat on the Smart Nutrition Made Simple Show I present to you all-around badass online trainer and nutrition coach, none other than the “Queen of Men’s Health”, Ali Gilbert.

In today’s episode, we really break down some of the fundamental decisions that men should be thinking about when considering testosterone therapy. The lab-related numbers, the side effects, the logistics of weekly or daily therapeutic use, the limiting factors involved in why we even need to consider testosterone optimization in the first place, as well as the most important aspects of any type of lifestyle change regarding committing to the longterm and the mindset required to make that shift.

It’s always fun catching up with Ali and I’m confident that if you are a man or a woman you will find value in this conversation. 

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