165_How to Help Your Kids Create a Compass for Life with Dan Peterson

by | Oct 18, 2022

Have you ever been in a situation with your kids where you feel yourself losing control?


What about when you say no a thousand times only to have them completely ignore you and do it anyway?


My personal favorite is when I find myself yelling at my kids to stop yelling.


Is it normal for us parents to feel like we don’t know what the heck we’re doing and find ourselves in a constant power struggle with our children? 


Today I’m excited to get some answers from Dan Peterson, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Advanced Trainer for the Nurtured Heart Approach.


Dan’s zone of genius is coaching parents who are at their wit’s end because no matter how hard they try or what approach they use, their child’s behavior is not improving.  After 25 years of working as a child therapist, he created a 90-day parent coaching model to transform their child’s difficult behavior and master the following 3 things, which we discuss in today’s episode:


  1. Decrease drama, conflict, and power struggles
  2. Create a positive connection with their child while helping them become values-driven
  3. Utilize a discipline model that focuses on increasing self-control, skill development, and accountability, as opposed to, escalating consequences that do not work


Dan’s vision is to train and coach teachers and parents so that they can in turn provide all children with the best possible environment to flourish. He is committed to bridging the gap between home and school. It is Dan’s belief that the Nurtured Heart Approach not only uncovers the greatness within every child but also provides him or her with an internal “compass for life.”


I have to tell you that just in the last few weeks of leveraging some of the tools that Dan shared in this conversation, I’m being much more intentional about how I show up as a parent to be able to give my kids the skills and tools to function like the children I know they can be and have absolutely seen a change in their behavior because of it.


If you’re a parent that has found yourself struggling with how to effectively discipline your kids, then this episode of the smart nutrition made simple show is for you.


I hope you enjoy.


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